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  1. Jermaine

    putting wilderness bosss that have their drop rate cut in half. keeping the wild occupied.
  2. Jermaine

    A portal at home will be put in place. an anouncment will notify the game players. when the game will start. 5 minute heads up. iv looked into the location n ifound a suitable one. varrock dungeon. players that enter in early can look for advantage points. no time limit just a wait for a winner. iv made a mad. but it is a too much big of a picture to upload.
  3. Jermaine

    woooooohhh ! 100%
  4. Jermaine

    well too use once the point is people voting to get it. gets the votes up. or training harder to try get it in a m box. or prestigeing. and idk why I said the dev. thought community managers were suppose to be useful. instead of staying on for an hour and that's it.
  5. Jermaine

    I wasn't asking you. it says if you have suggestions. so keep your reply to yourself. probably cant even dev. hahaha
  6. Jermaine

    Item ID: 7685 Examine: ? Members only? false Lendable? false Stackable? true Shop value 0 Equipment slot -1 Remove beard false Remove hair false Remove sleeves false Weapon type N/A Interface model: 2429 Male model 1: -1 Male model 2: -1 Male model 3: -1 Male model 4: -1 Male model 5: -1 Female model 1: -1 Female model 2: -1 Female model 3: -1 Female model 4: -1 Female model 5: -1 Model position X: 0 Model position Y: 2 Model rotation X: 28 Model rotation Y: 552 Model rotation Z: 0 Model zoom: 760 Interface options: [null, null, null, null, null] Ground options: [null, null, null, null, null] Tradeable: ? High alch: ? Low alch: ? Destroy: ? Exchange: ? Weight: ? Quest: ? INSTA KILL DAR. ONLY EFFECTS MONSTER. NON PLAYER EFFECT. ONE KILL HIT ONLY USE ONCE. CAN GET FROM BOX OR PRESTIGE POINTS OR VOTE POINTS.

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