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  1. Oh okay, didn't realise that, but I found more improvements that could be made while getting by the game Added some things too, please look into it!
  2. Hi, I have a few suggestions based on what I have experienced so far 1. Make players not drop anything when doing pve, only in wilderness. It gets annoying when you have to return to places to get your stuff back after you die, and fear it despawning 2. Make barrows bosses appear above the ground, without having to dig down. This will make people want to go for more barrows, because it is easy 3. Have a bank with the supplies seller at every skilling location (Not bank deposits) Eg. Pickaxes and bank at mining location Axes and Bank at woodcutting location. It doesn't have to be a new area, just a simple 1 bank stall at the teleported area of skilling location with a supplies seller beside it 4. Make sure to have the needed things in skilling areas to do the respective skilling Eg. Have a furnace and smithing anvil at Smithing area, not 3 anvils Have all types of trees (yew and magic) at woodcutting area, not make the player look up on internet to find where the trees are. 5. Have a store that buys gear from player for around 70-80% of store price/official price guide So that players do not have to wait for another player to buy it from them, and also encourages players to actively farm the item, as they know they will at least get something out of it, and not have to wait for a demand of that item from another player. Especially when player count is low and not many are online sometimes. Edit: Overall, it is a good server that needs a few readjusting to appeal more to rsps players and retain their interest in the game. Most people enjoy easy skilling and pvming, so making it such for them will attract more players. I hope this server takes suggestions into consideration and improves, because I enjoy playing this over the other rsps Q. Does this server receive frequent updates? Q. I also seem to have some combat problems when I miss too much on a low lvl boss with around maxed stats. Is there any problem with combat?