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  1. Can we have the x to sell all on the thieving shop?
  2. Something needs to be done about Bossing for Ironman I'm just about sick of doing like 99% of the damage on corp and someone coming in hitting it and getting the drop. Problem will only get worse with more players online making bossing pretty much Impossible for us.
  3. Trying to bag myself a Sara Hilt and Bow. This is the Loot from 241 Sara Kills...
  4. Just got 200m Defence Xp on my Ironman :)
  5. "2. Add more pvm bosses like chaos elemental, cerberus. " These are already in the game :D Under the boss teleports.
  6. Here are a few suggestions. Add Void to the Slayer Shop, Takes way to long for players to solo pest control. Add a Fire on the Fishing Dock so we can cook the Fish after we caught. Saves going to Rogues den. Iron man Slayer Boss tasks?
  7. Oh i will Edit i didnt know :p
  8. Hey, I decided to go bag my self a Blowpipe, Zulrah isn't playing at all. This is my Bank tab after 219 Kills, used about 800 dragon bones and 400 Sharks out of the tab. I also got another Magic fang which is on my Trident.