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  1. check out the second episode!
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    What's up guys I'm Noir, The last time I played Scape-War was October of 2017 when I was a sophomore in high school. Well, 2 years later I'm 18 and heading off to college in a few months. I noticed that the video I recorded on this server years back was getting recent feedback and the view count was increasing and I thought to myself, no way that this server is still up and running. So, I rewatched my video and it brought me back, so I'm deciding that I'm officially returning :D It brought me so much joy when I saw all of the familiar names I used to play with, knowing that they stayed committed and dedicated to this server throughout the years. I definitely plan to make the long awaited episode 2 of 1B from scratch, so watch out for that as well! For those of you who did not play in the past, or haven't came across my video, here it is if you want to get filled in on where I left off. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0I4VYOhwfUA Feel free to add me in game, at the same name as I had in the past.

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