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  1. Hello everyone! We are coming to the end of 2017! As I and a lot of other may know, people tend to get a little out of hand with the drinks etc. that's completely fine. But remember mates if you can afford to drink you can afford a cab home. Don't take that risk and get behind the wheel. I Love you all please be safe this new years! GET LIT THOUGH!

    Cheers, Darkmessiah


  2. I Like the slayer and skilling ideas mate, But i feel like the "run forever" & "No tool? No problem" Is a little much. Just an opinion but i feel like it would just be to easy at that point with some skills, Love the suggestions mate. We always appreciate it! 

    Cheers, DarkMessiah


  3. Hello Pfc Pug, I have seen you recently in game and we have talked for a couple mins. It's always nice to have someone back so i'd like to say welcome back to you mate! i hope to see you more and wish you luck on your grind! 


    Cheers, Darkmessiah

  4. 1: There are "guides" located on the forums for certain things and "staff members" who have knowledge of the server and are reachable via discord, forums and Skype. We always appreciate suggestions but that one is pretty much covered <3 

    2: I personally don't agree with this as @Holemess122 said we aren't really a custom server and there are plenty of cosmetics and things to play with already :D

    3: ::vote, ::voted, ::forum or ::site (both work), ::store takes you to the donation page. ::claim Claims the donation.

    4:Youtubers like holemess said make individual deals with steven.


    Cheers, DarkMessiah