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  1. I will notify the owners of your suggestions :) thank you for posting your ideas and i hope you enjoy the server!
  2. Yes supreme is correct, at ::dzone the stalls give from start to finish, 5k, 10k, 15k, 20k and 25k :)
  3. Welcome to the server, :D Feel free to add me ing (DarkMessiah)
  4. noice
  5. Very nice guide, Great job :3
  6. not bad at all my dude
  7. i thought mining was gonna be brutal all the way through and then i seen this <3
  8. i've actually been slacking on fm so this helps a lot
  9. Really nice guide :)
  10. wish i woulda seen this sooner! thanks for the guide supreme! keep up the good work man!
  11. This should help me, thanks for the guide bro!
  12. Pretty nice guide :)
  13. thank's for all the help since i've started man :)