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  1. Decent looking application mate
  2. Hey guys, As some of you may know a week or so ago i was asking around if anyone knew how to make a signature because i cba to make one as i spend most of my time on the client and discord. It has also been a pretty long while since i made one, But i'm asking one last time. If anyone knows how to make one and is willing to help me out, Make one for me. Please message me on forums or discord <3 i love you all, Play safe! Cheers, Darkmessiah
  3. Thank-You for posting @Slick I'm sure Steven will take a look at you're issues when he can and we appreciate the feedback, all the best to you mate! Cheers, DarkMessiah
  4. Awesome updates man, keep up the great work. :D :D Cheers, Darkmessiah
  5. Hello Slick, Welcome to the server, i hope you've had fun with your experience so far and that you have more in the future. Please don't be afraid to ask any questions while enjoying your self in game, We are more than happy to help you mate! Cheers, Darkmessiah
  6. Bape is a support staff, He is unable to use the ::kick command as it is a moderator plus command, Therefore he didn't do what you are accusing him of doing. I understand you may be frustrated but he simply can not use that command or kick you in any way. Cheers, Darkmessiah
  7. Them rims though
  8. Hey good luck on the skilling mate! hope to see you meet your goals soon! :D best of luck to you <3
  9. I think he was just making a Stereotypical joke mate but trying to turn it into a compliment :P @Joshhhh
  10. Be sure to be online mates, Come and have some fun online! Looking forward to seeing you all there. Good luck mates!
  11. Looking good mate, keep up the good work Sora!
  12. Hello mate! Welcome to Scape-War! I hope to see you soon and we are more then happy to have you :D
  13. Any time man!
  14. Welcome back mate, Nice seeing you :) wish you the best of luck skilling
  15. Loving how positive you are man, welcome to Scape-War Dead Fury, We are more than happy to have you join the server! Good luck on skilling and your goals mate! wish you the best
  16. Hey Storm. Welcome to Scape-War Thank you for joining us and letting us know about yourself! looking forward to getting to know you and all the new comers that come after! Good luck mate!
  17. Hello Joshhhh! Welcome to Scape-War we are more than happy to have you join us. feel free to add me in game if you need any help or even just someone to talk to! Good luck mate!
  18. Not going to lie man, you probably will. i'm more busy with thieving again :P I do wish you good luck though, hope to see you on soon man :) talk to ya in a bit
  19. Welcome to the server Adaro! We are more than happy to have you and i am very glad to hear you are enjoying our community :D hope to see you soon buddy. Keep grinding them skills :P
  20. Welcome back man, hope you're having a good one :)
  21. We will miss you man, you are a great guy. i hope you have fun training man! good luck! :D
  22. I got rekt >.>
  23. shhhh, they don't need to know this
  24. @Sanctimonium You gotta step your game up sir.
  25. Username: DarkMessiah Time Played (full screen picture): Timezone: Eastern Standard time Any outstanding infractions on your account?: Not that i am aware of. How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: hrs a day 6-10 week 30-50 Any past experiences?: Yes back when i was younger, I was an admin and moderator on a couple of servers. but i couldn't remember the names if i tried. Do you have Skype?:No but making one is not an issue. What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: My strongest trait is that i love helping people, i don't care if i am fighting a boss getting xp etc. i will come to whoever needs help and try my best to get them what they need, if i have any weakness at all i get carried away sometime with jokes but it doesnt get horribly bad XD Strength: Always Positive towards other players and staff Weakness: sometimes i'm afk for at least 30 mins. What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: .I think i would be a good asset because i'm always telling new players not to be afraid to ask questions, i take a lot of time out of my playtime if there's anything a player needs. i want people to feel as welcome as possible on the server! What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: Loyalty, Friendliness, Patience, Activity, Knowledge What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: The only thing i hope to achieve is being part of the reason this server makes it big, i have strong faith in it and believe it will have an unbelievable amount of players in the near future.