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  1. I support this!, love the gambling zone idea i feel it would be a positive change. i personally don't mind investors having the crown that they have. Cheers, DarkMessiah
  2. Looking forward to it mate <3 Cheers DarkMessiah
  3. Very impressive guide mate, I hope to see more from you in the near future :D keep up the great work! Cheers, DarkMessiah
  4. Steven will handle this as soon as he can, he has most likely been notified, thank-you! for taking the time to let us know you're having an issue mate! Best of luck to you <3 Cheers, DarkMessiah
  5. Looks Great mate @Heal :D Cheers, DarkMessiah
  6. @Holemess122 what do you think mate, i don't think it's a bad idea. want more of an opinion. Cheers, DarkMessiah.
  7. Welcome back mate! Glad to see you got things sorted out :D i hope to see you online in the future, looking forward to it. Cheers, DarkMessiah
  8. @Holemess122 hmu on discord
  9. Hey mate! welcome to the forums and congratulations on the support rank! Cheers, DarkMessiah
  10. Congratulations Witt Lowry! Good luck on future drops mate! Cheers, DarkMessiah
  11. Good information for Non donors/New players! Great post man i hope to see more from you soon! Cheers, DarkMessiah
  12. Great post mate i'd like to see more of these in the near future! Great information to have for new players! keep it up mate! Cheers, DarkMessiah.
  13. Hello everyone! We are coming to the end of 2017! As I and a lot of other may know, people tend to get a little out of hand with the drinks etc. that's completely fine. But remember mates if you can afford to drink you can afford a cab home. Don't take that risk and get behind the wheel. I Love you all please be safe this new years! GET LIT THOUGH! Cheers, Darkmessiah
  14. Pretty cool idea mate! always looking forward to seeing player suggestions! Cheers, DarkMessiah
  15. Nice application mate, i'd like to see you online a bit more (which i have recently) but a strong application indeed!. good luck to you! Cheers, DarkMessiah