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  1. Goodluck to you sir you deserve it :)
  2. i will miss you bro :(
  3. welcome back dude
  4. welcome to the server
  5. some of these suggestions are nice dude :)
  6. the void in slayer shop would be good
  7. @Sanctimonium im sorry im not on at the moment will be more active soon just had a close family member pass away and its been really hard to have time to be on
  8. this is a pretty poor staff application just my opinion dont know if anyone else does
  9. nice video dude maybe try fix the resolution to avoid having the black on both sides
  10. this is very nice but you missed demonic rank which is $500 and investor rank that is 1k
  11. yeah ;p nice one
  12. this is a pretty good start guide for bossing good work with this dude :)
  13. thanks dude :)
  14. i like these ideas they are very good :)