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  1. thank ya thank ya
  2. Username: DegenterX (Helperdeg as staff) Time Played (full screen picture):4 Days 13 Hours Timezone: US Central Any outstanding infractions on your account?: Nah my dude How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: Most days, but my work schedule can be intense Any past experiences?: Have Been a Mod and Admin, along with content director several times. Do you have Skype?: Yes, but id prefer Discord What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: I am extremely nice and giving for the most part, that's my strength and weakness Strength: Kind, Generous, Helpful Weakness: Too Kind sometimes What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: I have plenty of experience in the rsps community, 10 years worth What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: Kindness, Leadership, Calmness, Flexibility, Nimbility of attitude What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: I want to work my way through the staff to learn as much as I can about the server to try and help new people, or those who are presently here to try and craft an overall better experience for my community, and hopefully people will tell their friends about us :)
  3. If Steven gives me the okay, when I hit sponsor donor rank, I will be giving chirstmas crackers to people who can recruit active players for the server, I have some crackers now so if people start to get new people now, I will give them a free Christmas Cracker if Steven doesn't mind. Must not be same IP as your computer, must be active and seen on quite a few times in a month period, cannot join and quit the first day, and if you can talk them into recruiting players as well, any newbie that recruits a player you will get an additional 2 free Christmas Crackers.
  4. My Goals ~Hit 1B ~Hit 2B ~Hit 3B ~Hit 4B ~Hit 5B ~Hit 6B ~Hit 7B ~Hit 8B ~Hit 9b ~Hit 10b ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Skilling (Max, Prestige to Max) PVM Hit 1k Boss Kills Hit 100 Bandos Kills Hit 100 Zulrah kills Hit 100 Vet'ion kills Hit 100 Venenatis kills Hit 100 Zammy kills Hit 100 Saradomin kills Hit 100 Arma kills Hit 100 Callisto Kills Hit 100 Barrel Chest kills Hit 200 KBD kills Hit 25 Other Bosses Kills Rare Collection ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Collect Full Partyhat set Collect Full H'ween Mask set Collect all 3 Santas Collect Rainbow, Black, and Phat with Specs Own Christmas Cracker Have 1 Rare Have 5 Rares Have 10 Rares Have 15 Rares Have 20 Rares Have 25 Rares Have 50 Rares Have 100 Rares Have Most Rares(?) Staking ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Have 100 Wins Have 200 wins Have 500 Wins Have 1k Wins Win 100M in a single stake Win 200m in a single stake Win 500M in a single stake Win 1B in a single stake Win 2B in a single stake Win 5B in a single stake Win 10B in a single stake Win 20B in a single stake Win 50B in a single stake Win biggest pot on Scape-War once Player Recruitment ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Recruited 1 Newbie Recruited 2 Newbies Recruited 5 Newbies Recruited 10 Newbies Recruited most people on Scape-War Etc ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hit Standard Donor Hit Supreme Donor Hit Legendary Donor Hit VIP Donor Hit Demonic Donor Hit Sponsor Donor Hit $2500 Donated Talk Steven into giving me a custom Donor rank Achieve some kind of staff position Become Richest on Server sooner or later ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Hope you all enjoy my goals list give me some feed back on what you think! :) ~~~~~DegenterX the Dragon Tamer
  5. Looks really good!
  6. I want to see new players and see the server grow, try to get your friends to play, and I hate to say it, but promoting on other servers and advertising Scape-War would be nice to see, we already have a decent in-game economy amongst the existing players, but new players means more donation income, means server expansion, new possible staff, and more in-game content, I am thinking about making you-tube videos for promotion, so you-tube videos wouldn't be helpless either! Lets try to see 25 to 40+ active players by Christmas :).
  7. You should make me a logo my dude :)
  8. Most of you may know me but I have noticed quite a few new players, so here I go with an Into! I am DegenterX (D, Degent, Genter) I started about soon after the server went up, I work a lot so sometimes you won't see me for awhile, but I will be on when I can be, come talk to me if you wanna chill and what not. I'm not going to give out very many details about myself, but I play Xbox, Pc, I have Steam, and Discord, I am slightly competitive when it comes to games. I Try to support the server anyway I can, so when it comes to donations or just in game ideas, I love to provide! If you want to link up on steam send me a pm in-game! ~~~~~DegenterX the Dragon Tamer.