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  1. I brid v2

    Amgd im no longer staff
  2. I brid v2

    Nice updates en bug fixes keep going m8
  3. I brid v2

    Gl on that stitch haha i gonna test them out later seems nice updates . Gr brid
  4. I brid v2

    I like these suggestions but some i want to check first ig to believe its a good idea but great work
  5. I brid v2

    Hello everyone, I thought it would be prudent to update the staff rules and responsibilities. Please read this in conjunction with the list previously updated by Steven. Staff is prohibited from using their commands to unfairly teleport themselves/others out of the wild when attacked/teleblocked by pkers Staff members are prohibited from jailing or teleporting players that interrupt others while fighting bosses (i.e., crashing others) Staff members are prevented from using the ::alts commands (check players alternative accounts) except in the following instances: Reviewing new accounts Checking for instances of multiple logins in the wild Checking for violations of the multi-bossing rule Contacting players to settle disputes/provide resolutions In addition, staff members are prevented from revealing a player’s alternative accounts without prior permission While actively playing their alternative accounts, Staff members are required to be logged into their main (Staff) account as well Instances of Staff abusing powers should be reported to the Administrator (“HerpesFree”) or Community Manager (“I Brid V2”) with supporting evidence It is, first and foremost, the responsibility of Support staff to welcome new players to the game; if Support is unavailable, this responsibility is shifted to Moderators, unless the Owner (“Steven”), Community Manager (“I Brid V2”), or Administrator (“HerpesFree”) have time (in which case new players will be teleported to them) Staff members will keep a running tally of new players so they may receive their welcoming gift Greetz I Brid V2 , Herpesfree
  6. I brid v2

    Ok my voting/suggestions. 1st i rlly would like a big construction update where you can put your pets in your housr for like 50m 75m a piece where you can plant tree's make portals that work en let the player choose where like abyys for rc or elemental bosses or entrance rev caves also get house tabs into supply shop couple examples. 2. buff items like zaryte bow, bludgeon, zuriels,sanguinesti needs a buff 3.fix spells like barraging multiple targets at once 4. Add some new monsters en items along with there passive like dragonhunter lance more damage to dragons, dragon bolts some cosmetics. for monsters thater of blood boss en smoke devils en the whole barbarian stronghold so that you canmake that stronghold staff make some superior monsters from normal monsters that is hard to kill en rare to spawn(only on slayer task) rare drop table guarenteed. 5. Add some cool features to skillcapes like crafting cape instandly tan hides if dropped from monster while wearing it 6.add drop chances en clue reward items to drop table.when your clicking on the item. 7.add a loot tracker en spawn timer to the game if possible. 8.more diffrent bosses in slayer tasks like kril ,daga's, olm ,vitur , sea troll queen , kalphite queen 9.change wc teleport to the woodcutting guild en make red wood tree's available . 10.add some links ingame so when they neex help en click on it they get redirected to discord where they can send a pm on discord to the staff when there not online or the staff that is online cant help them (staff need to check discord daily en answer it). These are a few i would like to see Greets. Brid
  7. I brid v2

    Owner Steven He is the owner of Scape-War. This is the most powerful rank amongst the community and staff. An Owner is in charge of providing new content for the server, forums and keeping the server running as well as full control of the donations. They have no set restrictions or requirements. Game Administrator I Brid V2 , Herpesfree A Game Administrator handles major forum maintenance such as donator ranks, forum bans, warnings, and forum muted. In addition to forums they also play a key role ingame of Scape-War. game administrators are considered the second Highest ranking staff members and will handle major bugs and also cover the roles of the lower ranking staff team. They will also handle any dispute with other low ranking staff members. Moderator J O H N Ceefi Dominate Quintus46 The Server Moderator rank is the second-lowest rank a player can receive in the game. These individuals have finished and passed their Server Support trial, and are responsbile for moderating the game and enforcing the rules. A short description would be - Moderates the game and enforces the rules in-game. SUPPORT Infvel Server supports are the lowest ranking staff members in Scape-War. A server support position can be referred to as a trial moderator position and should still be treated as a staff member. Server supports are limited in their commands - their main responsibilities are to help the community by answering questions, helping with clues, directing players, and ensuring that the community stays intact.
  8. I brid v2

    This weeks contest is all about helping non donaters mostly.(Donators can enter aswell) For this weeks contest there are 3 winners: -1st place= 5 mystery boxes -2nd place= 3 mystery boxes -3th place= 2 mystery boxes The contest this week is try to get as many tading sticks as you can. The trading sticks get dropped by Jogre's in the God Wars Dungeon. This Jogre drops ecumenical keys en med clue's aswell. The contest ends Monday 27/4 Wish you all gl. Brid.
  9. I brid v2

  10. I brid v2

    Yo guys Brid here i will do weekle events contest for players from now on iron mans can partecipate aswell so don't hessitate. For the first contest its all about the fashion. The flex on players. Send me on discord a picture of you in youre most good looking outfit. The winner recieve 100m cash. we will consider how hard it is to get those items en if youre rich or not so how u have to obtain them or effort you put. You get a bonus if you get nice surroundings pets etc. gl her are some examples.
  11. Username: i brid v2 Time Played (full screen picture): on phone atm but i played beta so... Timezone: from Belgium so GMT +2 Any outstanding infractions on your account?: How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: Depends on gf but normaly everyday 2 hours ore more Any past experiences?: I am support atm Do you have Skype?: Yes What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: Strength: im honest ,loyal,friendly, helpfull,trustfull Weakness: my gf she's the Boss so i listen to her What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: .i have very interesting ideas for the server , en always wanne help ppl What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for mod/admin?: Friendly honest loyal en communicate with other ppl listen to there idea's What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: Just get the server more ppl en work out my ideas to make server better
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