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  1. I brid v2

    I see still great guude
  2. I brid v2

    You should add a mid tier and high tier aswell but nice clean guide
  3. I brid v2

    swap prayers if meelee 0 damage
  4. I brid v2

    Amgd im no longer staff
  5. I brid v2

    Nice updates en bug fixes keep going m8
  6. I brid v2

    Gl on that stitch haha i gonna test them out later seems nice updates . Gr brid
  7. I brid v2

    I like these suggestions but some i want to check first ig to believe its a good idea but great work
  8. I brid v2

    Ok my voting/suggestions. 1st i rlly would like a big construction update where you can put your pets in your housr for like 50m 75m a piece where you can plant tree's make portals that work en let the player choose where like abyys for rc or elemental bosses or entrance rev caves also get house tabs into supply shop couple examples. 2. buff items like zaryte bow, bludgeon, zuriels,sanguinesti needs a buff 3.fix spells like barraging multiple targets at once 4. Add some new monsters en items along with there passive like dragonhunter lance more damage to dragons, dragon bolts some cosmetics. for monsters thater of blood boss en smoke devils en the whole barbarian stronghold so that you canmake that stronghold staff make some superior monsters from normal monsters that is hard to kill en rare to spawn(only on slayer task) rare drop table guarenteed. 5. Add some cool features to skillcapes like crafting cape instandly tan hides if dropped from monster while wearing it 6.add drop chances en clue reward items to drop table.when your clicking on the item. 7.add a loot tracker en spawn timer to the game if possible. 8.more diffrent bosses in slayer tasks like kril ,daga's, olm ,vitur , sea troll queen , kalphite queen 9.change wc teleport to the woodcutting guild en make red wood tree's available . 10.add some links ingame so when they neex help en click on it they get redirected to discord where they can send a pm on discord to the staff when there not online or the staff that is online cant help them (staff need to check discord daily en answer it). These are a few i would like to see Greets. Brid
  9. I brid v2

  10. I brid v2

    Yo guys Brid here i will do weekle events contest for players from now on iron mans can partecipate aswell so don't hessitate. For the first contest its all about the fashion. The flex on players. Send me on discord a picture of you in youre most good looking outfit. The winner recieve 100m cash. we will consider how hard it is to get those items en if youre rich or not so how u have to obtain them or effort you put. You get a bonus if you get nice surroundings pets etc. gl her are some examples.
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