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  1. gz on the enrolment, but its not gonna be the same without u
  2. run becomes unlimited when u achieve 99 agility I believe. thieving stalls drop only gold in the dzone, which can be accsessed by typing ::done
  3. there is an npc that changes visage in to a dfs
  4. could use some updating but overall good
  5. keep it up, I'm at around 500kc and only 1 tanz fang
  6. nice app good luck
  7. good try maybe 5min of more work would be a good app lol
  8. nice vid, thats awesome might have to join you
  9. all good :)
  10. my guide does say it is 500 hp, look at the name of the lists
  11. thanks guys gonna add more soon
  12. maybe some picture and stuff
  13. thanks friend
  14. I like the last one