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  1. lukeashworth

    great updates mate.
  2. lukeashworth

    This makes me so happy that you have listened to me and added collection log. this will make bossing fun again.
  3. lukeashworth

  4. lukeashworth

    I would love the collection log book ingame, it will give me an urge to start doing bossing again and also doing clue scrolls. I feel you could create a cape for people who complete the book or even do it on a points system where there is a shop and throughout filling out the book at 25% 50% 75% 100% you gain points which you can spend. Ill let you guys give other suggestions on what the reward for completing the book would be. I feel the game is slowing down and a lot more people are just AFKing in the bank and I feel this would make people go to places such as barrows again to gain the items needed to complete the book. Feel free to give feedback.
  5. lukeashworth

    great effort brother.
  6. lukeashworth

    gratz dude looking great.
  7. lukeashworth

    yes yes yes g, more for the donators im about that.
  8. lukeashworth

    brilliant, great work guys.
  9. lukeashworth

    great updates.
  10. lukeashworth

    great updates dude !!!!
  11. lukeashworth

    looking forward to the next one bro, great work.
  12. lukeashworth

    good ideas mate, keep them coming in to improve server.
  13. lukeashworth

    I vote this, would make things a lot easier.
  14. lukeashworth

    sounds perfect brother !
  15. lukeashworth

    what I would suggest is a boss item such as a key which was rare, but when dropped you could go and open a chest which had a chance in getting a really good item of the monsters drop table ? thoughts guys.
  16. lukeashworth

    i think this idea is great ! but what armor would go into the shop ?
  17. lukeashworth

    welcome mate, If you see me ingame pop up πŸ˜„
  18. lukeashworth

    im sure there is a way to see what bonus skill is next. but yeah the trivia one sounds good to me dude.
  19. lukeashworth

    yes g !!!
  20. lukeashworth

    helloo and welcome to my guide...….
  21. lukeashworth

    helloo mate, its a pleasure to have you on board.
  22. lukeashworth

    great effort bro, looking forward to more videos.
  23. lukeashworth

    great idea guys, anything would be great to stop confusion.
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