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  1. lukeashworth

  2. lukeashworth

    dwh drop doesn't show up, and also stones from cerb drops don't get announced bro.
  3. lukeashworth

    good luck bro
  4. lukeashworth

    application still open
  5. lukeashworth

    got my vote dude
  6. lukeashworth

    lol WTF
  7. lukeashworth

    its a pleasure to have you bro !!
  8. lukeashworth

    good luck bro
  9. lukeashworth

    nice dude
  10. lukeashworth

    hahaha what a legend, ive applied for staff but not heard anything back dude.
  11. lukeashworth

    whats the update on this ?
  12. lukeashworth

    who would like to buy a rapier, if you do message on here or pm me ingame.. thanks lukeashworth
  13. lukeashworth

    that's a lot of updates hahaha
  14. lukeashworth

    some good suggestions dude hopefully they get listened to 😄
  15. lukeashworth

    ive been saying this for a while dude, would be amazing.
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