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    to be fair i also dont remember seeing you in-game
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    what else can i add
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    herblore is a semi-afk skill, and easy once you get into the grove of cleaning and prepping your potions (unf) to clean the herbs the levels follow Guam:level 3 Marrentill:level 5 Tarromin:level 11 Harralander:level 20 Ranarr:level 25 Toadflax:level 30 irit:level 40 Avantoe:level 48 Kwuarm:level 54 Snapdragon:level 59 Candantine:level 65 Lantadyme:level 67 Dwarf:level 70 Torstol:level 75 after cleaning all the herbs u need vials of water which can be bought from the skilling store under skilling supplies you will find vials of water at the bottom of the shop once you have these you are ready to start making potions (unf) you should have 14 herbs, and 14 vials of water in your inventory, then use the herd on the vials to start making potions (unf) once that is completed you will need "secondaries" which you can also buy from the skill shop under "herblore shop" then take you potions (unf) and your secondaries and combine them what you should make goes as follows: ATTACK POTION: guam and eye of newt level:3 ANTIPOISON: marrentill and unicorn horn dust level:5 STRENGTH POTION: tarromin and limpwurt root level:12 RESTORE POTION: harralander and red spider egg level:22 PRAYER POTION: ranarr and snape grass level:38 SUPER ATTACK: irit and eye of newt level:45 SUPER STRENGTH: kwuarm and limpwurt root level:55 SUPER RESTORE: snapdragon and red spider egg level:63 ANTIFIRE POTION: lantadyme and dragon scale dust level:69 RANGING POTION: dwarf and wine of zamorak level:72 MAGIC POTION: lantadyme and potato cactus level:76 ZAMORAK BREW: torstol and jangerberry level:78 SARADOMIN BREW: toadflax and crushed bird nest level:81 and if you want u can make super combat potions at level 90 to make it it requires 1 super attack, 1 super strength, 1 super defence, and 1 torstol. this is my herb guide if i have forgot anything, just let me know -supreme
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    no problem
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    hunter is easy but, it can be click intensive and boring, to start hunter u must teleport to the hunter skill teleport in your spell book you will need to buy a butterfly net, and imp jars you can do this by trading to elnock inquisitor in the hunter skill teleport. the following imps can be caught at their respected levels, baby:level 1 young:level 22 Gourmet:level 28 Earth:level 36 essence:level 42 eclectic:level 50 nature:level 58 magpie:level 65 ninja:level 74 Dragon:level 83 I recommend catching dragon imps right at 83 until 99 and either sell the dragon imps, or sell the dragon dart tips, dragon arrow heads, and dragon bones to make some money. if i have missed anything or im unclear on anything, just let me know and ill adjust the guide -Supreme
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    RuneCrafting is a tedious skill but one u must complete if you wish to achieve a max cape, it is a semi-afk skill. All u need to start runecrafting is pure essence. this is how to get to the abyss from edgeville once you talk to the mage, he has a option to teleport you to the abyss, once in the abyss, the following picture is where each of the rune teleports are located the level requirements for each rune go as such level:1 level:2 level:5 level:9 level:14 level:20 level:27 level:35 level:40 level:44 level:54 level:65 level:77 level:90 to speed up your trips, you have a chance of receiving rune pouches when you craft runes this has been my runecrafting guide, i hope it helps and if there are any suggestions on how to improve this guide, just let me know -Supreme
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    gz on 200m
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    Username: Supreme Time Played (full screen picture): Timezone:= Eastern Any outstanding infractions on your account?: No How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: 5-10 Any past experiences?: Ex-Mod on this server Do you have Skype?: Yes What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: Kind Strength: kindness, friendliness, smart, responsible, and honest. Weakness: id like to say non but everyone has weaknesses, it would have to my delegating of tasks, my organization, and i tend to over work my self What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: . Ive been a mod on this server once before, and i play in the afternoon, and late nights. What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: Responsible, honest, active in the community, fun but can be strict when needed, and trustworthy What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: in the long run maybe admin, or CM hopefully
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