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  1. I really like these man, Keep it up!
  2. I like it man, this might be helpful to some new players! <3 Shaka Broskie, Kawaguchi :D
  3. Strong applications man, i remember when you where Support and even Moderator! Good luck with this man! Really hope you get his. Shaka Broskie, Kawaguchi :D
  4. Jebus, some crazy shit right there! Shaka Brah, Kawaguchi :D
  5. ^ what he said, they are not bad idea. I do like them! Great idea's man!! Shaka Brah, Kawaguchi :D
  6. not a bad idea man! Shaka brah, Kawaguchi :D
  7. I do like both aspects of the idea, maybe we could all get together and talk about what it could include! :D
  8. Great idea man, would a lot easier for people to join the discord channel.
  9. Welcome back man, i do remember you back when i first started!
  10. Merry Christmas Scape-War, hope everyone will be safe and have a good time over the holidays!!
  11. Time Played (full screen picture): https://gyazo.com/542c975463ae622cc757749ad4aeafc1 Timezone:North Carolina UTC-05:00 Any outstanding infractions on your account?: Nope. How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: I am able to play 4-5 hours a day. Any past experiences?: I have had many experiances with staff position exceding from Support, all the way to Admin, Already have been support for the server. Do you have Skype?: I sure do, (frikk_killa) What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: Strength:I am a natural leader that takes initiative when needed and alway's reliable. I love to interact with other players, espcially new players. Weakness:I am brutially honest (don't know if that is considered a weekness). What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: I always see new players that are always asking questions and that always need to be attended to. If you need help i am always there. What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: 1.One thing is you need to know the questions that you are going to be asked and things player are going to want/need to know. 2.You need to have high level of maturity as other player will not have the same as you. You will also need to be able to handle any problem thrown at you. 3.You need to have the initiative to take controll of any situation at any time. You also need to know what to do when things do not go in the right direction. 4.You need to be active in game aswell as the forums. You need to know how to handle infractions between players. 5.There will be times when a probem or problems that will not go in the best way and the "staff" needs to keep their composure and handle the situation properly. What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: To help players, and the main goal is the help this server/community grow as one. Bigger than ever. This server and the people are amazing. Thanks for viewing my Application and for you feedback!
  12. I don't really know where to start. Since i have join this server everyone has been so respectful and have not seen hatred towards anyone. I would just like to personally thank all staff especially "Sanctimoniuim", this Bro of mine and many others is always there when you need him, he always knows the answer to anything you need to know. I would also like to thank this awesome community of Scape-War and the people who made it what it is today!! Kind Regards ~Kawaguchi~ <3
  13. Fully support you bro! <3
  14. https://gyazo.com/ec92f46730060398412328c59d6fc145
  15. #squad