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  1. So today I was banned for telling a few irl friends of mine and a fellow staff member of Scape-War about a server I play on when there is not a single other player on scape-war. I had no intention of getting anyone off of scape-war and onto this new server and that isn't what happend as they had already had an account made on said server. Everyone I told is still active on scape-war. I feel like a demotion would have been harsh but permenantly banning my account with over 18 days of legit playtime all that effort I put into this server all gone for a simple mistake of telling someone what I was asked over discord or teamspeak? I love scape-war and I don't want all the time and effort I invested to have been for nothing. So if you could unban me and replace lost items that would be great! <3
  2. Ty guys and yeah i put almost 19 days legit time on here no afk shit. ;)
  3. Ty for the updates cant wait for this raid to drop. Super stoked!