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  1. O.o

    Yeah you better bruh
  2. O.o

    u r a weird one
  3. Well hello there, finally another fellow dane to the server. Welcome back my man :D Velkommen :) -Holemess
  4. Hey mate, ill look into it :D
  5. delete it and download new client :D
  6. Demonic gorillas is a not well known source of great herbs. Here's a small showcase of what you can expect. I have now killed 720 of these, and gotten 2 zenytes, lots of ballista parts and TONS of herbs. They also drop a lot of saradomin brews (2) so if you're not a donator, you can get them from here.
  7. Awesome. Again: THE GLORRYYYYYY XD <3
  8. yes ty i agree.
  9. Awesome, remember you can safespot it behind the benches :D Also, you might wanna get snakeskinboots or ranger boots from the vote store if you can afford em (10 votes) Also an amulet of glory will help a lot :D
  10. Yes i agree with @DarkMessiah, bit more active. And you should deffo get to know all the new awesome players we have!
  11. im lit
  12. Holemess’ priceguide Remember this is only a guide, of what I think the items are worth, and not the exact price that you have to sell your items for. I hope you all find it decent. if you have any changes to it, PM me on the forums or catch me ingame, and ill take a look at it. TY. Made in cooperation with @DarkMessiah And aproved by @Steven(aka tha boss) Food Dark Crab 30k Manta Ray 30k Shark 20-25k Cooking Raw Dark Crab 25k Raw Shark 20k Raw Manta Ray 25k Smithing Runite bar 30k Runite ore 25k Adamant Bar 15k Adamant Ore 10k Bronze Bar 5k Coal Ore 3k Copper Ore 1k Gold bar 5k Gold Ore 5k Iron Bar 5k-6k Iron Ore 3k-4k Mithril Bar 15k Mithril Ore 12k Steel Bar 10k Tin Ore 1k Runecrafting Rune Essence 1k Pure Essence 2k Fletching & Firemaking Logs 2k-3k Oak Logs 3k Willow Logs 4k Maple Logs 5k Yew Logs 8k Magic Logs 10k-15k Herblore Weeds No real set prices for herbs. All about the demand Crafting Ball Of Wool 5k-10k Bow String 2k-5k Black Dragonhide Leather 25k Red dragonhide leather 20k Blue Dragonhide Leather 15k Green dragonhide leather 10k Diamond 15k Dragonstone 500k Emerald/sapphire 5k Onyx 15-20m Ruby 10k Wool 6k-12k Ranged Bolt rack 2k-3k Diamond bolts 5k Dragon bolts 15k Dragon darts 3-5k Onyx bolts 50-60k Ruby bolts 5k Zulrah scales 5k Prayer Baby dragon bones 25k (2400 xp) Big bones 10k (1440 xp) Dragon bones 50k (5760 xp) Dagganoth bones 75k (6000 xp) Lava dragon bones 100k-125k (6800 xp) Weapons 3rd age bow 100m 3rd age longsword 100m 3rd age wand 100m Abyssal dagger 200m-210m Abyssal whip 15m Abyssal tentacle 75m-100m Abyssal bludgeon 3b Ahrim's staff 5m Armadyl crossbow 80m-100m Armadyl godsword 150-180m Bandos godsword 150 Barrelchest anchor 20m Dark bow 8m Dharok's greataxe 10m Dragon axe 25m Dragon claws 150m Dragon pickaxe 30m Dragon warhammer coming soon Guthan's warspear 5m Granite maul 8m Heavy ballista 250-300m Karil's crossbow 5m-7m Light ballista 150m Master wand 50m Saradomin godsword 150m Saradomin sword 50m Saradomin sword(blessed) 120m Staff of the dead 100m Torag's hammers 5m Toxic blowpipe 150m Toxic staff of the dead 180m Trident of the seas 35-50m Trident of the swamp 80-100m Verac's flail 5m Zamorakian hasta 100-150m Zamorakian spear 100m-150m Zamorak godsword 150m Armour 3rd age mage hat(mage) 100m 3rd age robe top(mage) 100m 3rd age robe(mage) 100m 3rd age range coif(range) 100m 3rd age range top(range) 100m 3rd age range legs(range) 100m 3rd age full helmet(melee) 100m 3rd age platebody(melee) 100m 3rd age platelegs(melee) 100m 3rd age kiteshield(melee) 100m Ahrim's hood 5m Ahrim's robe skirt 5m Ahrim's robe top 5m Arcane spirit shield 700m Armadyl chainskirt 60-80m Armadyl chestplate 60-80m Armadyl helmet 50-70m Blessed spirit shield 200m Bandos tassets 60m Bandos chestplate 55m Bandos boots 20m Dharok's helm 10m Dharok's platebody 10m Dragon Fullhelm 50m Dharok's platelegs 10m Dragon boots 10m Dragon chainbody 15m Dragon platelegs/skirt 5m Dragonfire shield 35m-40m Elysian spirit shield 1,5b Divine spirit shield 5-6b Eternal boots 60m Guthan's chainskirt 5m Guthan's helm 5m Guthan's platebody 5m Infinity boots 10m Infinity bottoms 20m Infinity top 25m Infinity hat 15m Infinity gloves 10m Karil's coif 500k-1m Karil's skirt 4m-5m Karil's top 5m Malediction ward 70m Mage's book 50m Odium ward 80m Pegasian boots 60m Primordial boots 60m Ranger boots 15m Rangers' tunic 10m Robin hood hat 10m Serpentine helmet 70m Spectral spirit shield 500m Spirit shield 45m Torag's helm 500k-1m Torag's platebody 5m Torag's platelegs 4m-6m Verac's brassard 2m-3m Verac's helm 2m-3m Verac's plateskirt 5m Rares Black partyhat 200m Blue partyhat 200m Green partyhat 200m Partyhat & specs 1.5b Purple partyhat 200m Rainbow partyhat 500m Red partyhat 200m Yellow partyhat 200m Black halloween mask 475m-525m Blue halloween mask 100m Green halloween mask 100m Red halloween mask 100m Black santa hat 475m-525m Christmas cracker 500m Dicing bag 1b- 1100m Fox 475m-525m Inverted santa hat 200m Santa hat 100m Sled 2.5b Jewellery Amulet of fury 20m Amulet of fury (or) 50m Amulet of torture 200m Amulet of the damned(full) 60m-80m Archers ring 30m-35m Berzerker ring 35-40m Occult necklace 50m Necklace of anguish 200m Ring of suffering 200m Ring of the gods 25m Ring of wealth 2m Seers ring 20m Tormented bracelet 200m Treasonous ring 25m Tyrannical ring 25m Miscellaneous Lime whip 450-500m Eternal crystal 50-60m Holy elixir 120m Pegesian crystal 60-70m Primordial crystal 60-70m Magic fang 50-80m Zenyte shard 180-200m Smouldering Stone 150-200m Vesta's legs 300-350m Vesta's body 300-350m Vesta's longsword 500-550m Twisted Bow 3-4b Elder maul 500m Cyan h'ween mask 750m Lava h'ween mask 750m Lime h'ween mask 750m Cyan Santahat 750m Lava santahat 750m Lime santahat 750m Cyan partyhat 1.2b Lava partyhat 1.2b Lime partyhat 1.2b Imbued heart 250m Bonecrusher 20m
  13. oki maybe
  14. who dis
  15. 1: you can just ask another player, or pm a staffmember on discord so thats pretty useless. 2: We are not a custom server, and we already have a lot of cosmetics ongoing 3: you can do ::site in game which gets you to the forums 4: There is already rewards for being a youtuber, and you make an individual deal with steven. Translated to danish: Du kan altid spørge en anden spiller eller et staffmember. Vi er ikke en custom server= vi har kun meget få items som rent faktisk ikke eksisterer i rigtig runescape. Du kan skrive ::site i spillet hvilket åbner en tab med forums. Youtubere får allerede en form for betaling for videoer, og de laver en aftale med Steven og ingen aftaler er ens :)
  16. Done <3
  17. Agree with dark, though i think we should wait, since you just came back from a long break. I wanna see that you are REALLY back :DD Other than that, i fully support you, and i enjoy your company and knowledge a lot +1
  18. NICE
  19. @Reiks
  20. This is my outcome after 100 KBD kills. im gonna continue until i get the pet & vissy, hope to get it before @DarkMessiah does ;D
  21. It feels very bad, im currently on around 450 lol
  22. no............
  23. I SUPPORT THIS BIG TIME! Dude knows everything there is to know, and he is a great asset even without having staff rank.
  24. thx for your suggestions first of. 1. i dont fancy the npc system of gambling. 2. we already have those 2 bosses you mention, as far as i remember we have most osrs bosses, except skotizo, obor, inferno and the lizardmen, which i dont rly count as a real boss but w/e. 3. I am personally not a big fan of custom items, since they're usually really op, and the prices on em would reach above WTC. 4. I agree with more donator benefits, especially the bank one. I dont fancy any spawns and stuff, since its not a spawn server. 5. Since our prices are not always that stable and the items value often differ from person to person, i do not agree with a price bot. 6. Great idea to make forums more active, and some rewards wouldnt bother me at all. 7. Already in brother :) 8. I am finally not a huge fan og POS, but it wouldnt bother me.
  25. sooooo im on 339 kills, still no pet or vissy .......