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  1. Title says it all, it would make training a little more interesting and I believe it would be easy enough to add to slayer shop,vote shop, donor shop, or whateverr, the main reason im suggesting this get added is: Without overload, theres nothing to lower your hp for dharoks other than letting a mob hit you.
  2. This is the story of how Q C Elite lost on a 99 in blackjack, and also included him coming to the realization of his loss :D Worst luck ive seen in a whilee xD
  3. Alot of you i've already met but this is for who I have not met yet :D Some of you already know me as the lucky newbie around here and I plan to take Toasteds tite of "Economy" holder. >:) See you all in gamee and oh, hello everyone! :3 Straight loooving the server <3