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  1. LadderGoat

    Having different donator zones would be awesome to have aswell. for example: ::dzone - regular donators ::pzone - Prime Donators ::szone - Super Donators ::lzone - Legendary Donators ::vzone - VIP Donators ::dezone - Demonic Donators ::izone - Investors All of these zones would have their own unique atributes (Bosses, trees, ores, stalls, etc....)
  2. LadderGoat

    Awesome update tbh, especially the raids.
  3. LadderGoat

    Haven't seen you in quiet a while, iProtect. Here's a picture of mine 🙂
  4. LadderGoat

    My pleasure 🙂
  5. LadderGoat

    Awesome update, glad to see that the bugs are getting fixed 😄
  6. LadderGoat

    I would suggest you to try reinstalling/updating your java software. Also delete any scape-war cache u can find and try again.
  7. LadderGoat

    Nice guide, i remember playing this back at pre eoc. Almost forgotten this game exists
  8. LadderGoat

    I like the first idea, but a vote poll booth in dzone would be redundant imo.
  9. LadderGoat

    Welcome, i litteraly have nothing more to say than sanctimonium already did.
  10. LadderGoat

    Welcome to the forums brother
  11. LadderGoat

    Yes pleasseeee
  12. LadderGoat

    Nice to see you around, i hope you enjoy your stay at Scape-war!
  13. LadderGoat

    Sorry for my language, but holy fucking shit. i really like this update, good job!
  14. nice and advanced guide, just what we needed. Thanks for putting such effort in it!
  15. LadderGoat

    Revenants at rev cave drop all tiers - easy, medium & hard
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