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  1. LadderGoat

    The server had a reset, here's what you can do: - Any donations made on your account previously, could be reclaimed by typing ::claim - If not, contact Steven for more information.
  2. LadderGoat

    To be honest, Steven doesn't really care weither you apply on forums or not.
  3. LadderGoat

    ⦁ Remove multi-pking from the server (excuses me????) and for the rest,i like every other thing on the list, just get it all done asap please, this would change so much 😃
  4. LadderGoat

    he already got unbanned xD
  5. LadderGoat

    - Official Scape-War Price Guide - Melee Weapons Item Price Ghrazi Rapier 1.2b Scythe of Vitur 8b Scythe of Vitur (L) 7.5b Elder Maul 500m Dragon Warhammer 300 - 350m Abyssal Tentacle 80m Abyssal Whip 10 - 20m Frozen Whip 500m Lime Whip 500m Dragon Claws 200m Abyssal Bludgeon 850m Abyssal Dagger 200m Revenants Item Price Statius Helm 250 - 350m Statius Platebody 250 - 350m Statius Platelegs 250 - 350m Craw's Bow (u) 300m Viggora's Chainmace (u) 300m Thammaron's Sceptre 250m Amulet of Avarice 3m Ancient emblem 1m Ancient totem 2m Ancient Stattuete 4m Chaos Elemental Item Price Vesta's Longsword 500m Vesta's Chainbody 1b Vesta's Platelegs 1b Dragon Pickaxe 5m Chaos Elementel Pet 10m Barrows Item Price Dharok's 10m / piece Guthan's 10m / piece Ahrim's 10m / piece Verac's 10m / piece Karil's 10m / piece Torag's 10m / piece Ranged Weapons Item Price Twisted Bow 6b Twisted Bow (L) 5b Armadyl Crossbow 350m Toxic Blowpipe 300 - 350m Light Ballista 100m Heavy Ballista 200m Dark Bow 10m 3rd Age Item Price 3rd Age Longsword 450m 3rd Age Bow 450m 3rd Age Wand 450m 3rd Age Axe 500m 3rd Age Pickaxe 500m 3rd Age Full Helm 450m 3rd Age Platebody 450m 3rd Age Platelegs 450m 3rd Age Kiteshield 450m 3rd Age Mage Hat 450m 3rd Age Mage Robe Top 450m 3rd Age Mage Robe Bottom 450m 3rd Age Range Coif 450m 3rd Age Range Top 450m 3rd Age Range Legs 450m 3rd Age Amulet 100m 3rd Age Cloak 450m Donor Shop #1 Item Price Partyhat & Spec 1.5b Sled 2.5b Dice Bag 1b Christmas Cracker 1b Black Partyhat 500m Rainbow Partyhat 500m Black Santa Hat 500m Inverted Santa Hat 200m Black H'ween Mask 500m Ring of Nature 100m Ring of Coins 100m Ring of Stone 100m Bunny Ears 500m Bunny Feat 100m Boxing Gloves 500m Ale of the Gods 500m Bloodhound 500m Easter Basket 500m Cape of Space 350m Dirty Cape 350m Black Demon Mask 150m Jungle Demon Mask 150m Lesser Demon Mask 150m Greater Demon Mask 150m Old Demon Mask 150m Jack Lantern Mask 100m Dragon Pickaxe Upgrade Kit 100m Ward Upgrade Kit 100m Donor Shop #2 Item Price Zaryte Bow 10 - 15b Divine Spirit Shield 10 - 15b Elysian Spirit Shield 3.5 - 4.5b Arcane Spirit Shield 900m - 1.1b Avernic Defender 1b Dagon'Hai Robes / hats 500 - 750m Kodai Wand 500m Twisted hat / coat / trousers 500m / piece Toxic Staff of the Dead 300m Amulet of Torture 300m Amulet of Anguish 300m Ring of Suffering 300m Tormented Bracelet 300m Staff of the Dead 250m Serpentine Helm 500m Magma Helm 500m Tanzanite Helm 500m Malediction Ward 150m Odium Ward 150m Saradomin's Blessed Sword 120m Occult Necklace 100m Amulet of the Damned (full) 100m Berserker ring (i) 100m Archers ring (i) 100m Seers ring (i) 100m Warriors ring (i) 100m Obsidian cape 75m Amulet of Fury (or) 50m Dragon Javelin 1m Donor Shop #3 Item Price Ankou 100m / piece Darkness 100m / piece Samurai 100m / piece Mummy's 100m / piece Dark Tuxedo 100m / piece Light Tuxedo 100m / piece Cosmetics Item Price White Partyhat 150m Blue Partyhat 150m Green Partyhat 150m Purple Partyhat 150m Red Partyhat 150m Yellow Partyhat 150m Cyan Partyhat 500m Lava Partyhat 500m Lime Partyhat 500m Red H'ween Mask 100m Green H'ween Mask 100m Blue H'ween Mask 100m Cyan H'ween Mask 500m Lava H'ween Mask 500m Lime H'ween Mask 500m Santa Hat 100m Cyan Santa Hat 500m Lava Santa Hat 500m Lime Santa Hat 500m Guthix Halo 50m Zamorak Halo 50m Saradomin Halo 50m Boots Item Price Dragon Boots 25m Bandos Boots 20m Pegasian Boots 1b Primordial Boots 300m Eternal Boots 150m Pegasian Crystal 25m Primordial Crystal 275m Eternal Crystal 100m Ranger Boots 1b Donations & Voting Item Price Mystery Box $10 100m Mystery Box $25 250m Mystery Box $50 500m Bond 100m Mystery Box 15m Lamp 10m Other Item Price Dragon Bones 50k / ea Lava Dragon bones 60k / ea Magic Logs 1k Clue Scroll (Easy) 10m Clue Scroll (Medium) 35m Clue Scroll (Hard) 45m Dragon Upgrade Kits 25m / piece Rocky 25m Other Skilling Pets 100m Godwars Pets 500m Pet King Black Dragon 300m Hellpuppy 300m Skotos 300m Pet Dark Core 250m Olmlet 750m - 1b Chaos ele Pet 25m Dagannoth Pets 300m Jad Pet 600m Scorpia's Offspring 500m Vorki 600m Vet'ion Jr. 500m Venenatis Spiderling 500m Kalphite Queen Pet 500m Baby Mole 300m Kraken Pet 200m Callisto Cub 200m Snakeling Pet 300m Ballista Limbs 25m Ballista Spring 25m Monkey Tail 40m Light Frame 50m Heavy Frame 150m Robin Hood Hat 1b Trident of the seas 30m Trident of the Swamp 100m Master Wand 300m Mud Battlestaff 50m Crozier(s) 10 / ea Dragon Arrow 5k / ea Dragonstone Bolts 5k / ea Dragonstone Bolts € 10k /ea Ruby Bolts 10k / ea Ruby Bolts (e) 15k / ea Onyx Bolts 5k / ea Onyx Bolts (e) 10k / ea Diamond Bolts 3k /ea Diamond Bolts (e) 5k / ea Dragon Darts 5k / ea Dragon Arrowtips 2.5k / ea Dragon Dart Tip 5k / ea Elegant Shirts 25m / piece Elegant Legs 25m / piece Elegant Blouses 20m / piece Elegent Skirts 20m / piece White Unicorn Mask 25m Black Unicorn Mask 25m Gilded Set 35m / piece Saradomin Set 5m / piece Zamorak Set 5m / piece Guthix Set 5m / piece Bronze (t) Set 15m / piece Bronze (g) Set 30m / piece Iron (t) Set 15m / piece Iron (g) Set 30m / piece Black (t) Set 15m / piece Black (g) Set 30m / piece Mithril (t) Set 15m / piece Mithril (g) Set 30m / piece Adamant (t) Set 15m / piece Adamant (g) Set 30m / piece Rune (t) Set 15m / piece Rune (g) Set 30m / piece Guthix d'hide 15m / piece Saradomin d'hide 15m / piece Zamorak d'hide 15m / piece Ancient d'hide 15m / piece Armadyl d'hide 15m / piece Bandos d'hide 15m / piece Saradomin Brew(4) 15k / ea Zamorak Brew(4) 10k / ea Super Restore(4) 10k / ea Super Combat Potion(4) 15k / ea Overload(4) 1m / ea Shark 25k / ea Raw Shark 20k / ea Manta Ray 30k / ea Raw Manta Ray 25k / ea Dark Crab 30k / ea Raw Dark Crab 25k / ea Runite Ore 20 - 25k / ea Adamantite Ore 15k / ea Mithril Ore 10k / ea Gold Ore 5k / ea Coal 1 - 2k / ea Runite Bar 25 - 30k / ea Adamantite Bar 20k / ea Mithril Bar 15k / ea Gold Bar 10k / ea Uncut Onyx 20m Uncut Dragonstone 100k / ea Uncut Diamond 20k / ea Uncut Ruby 200k / ea Uncut Emerald 20k / ea Uncut Sapphire 10k /ea Green Dragonhide 50k / ea Blue Dragonhide 75k / ea Red Dragonhide 100k / ea Black Dragonhide 150k / ea Superior Dragon Bones 100k / ea Wyvern Bones 50k / ea Baby Dragon Bones 5k / ea Dagganoth Bones 75k / ea Loop Half of Key 1m Tooth Half of Key 1m Crystal Key 2m Ecumenical Key 10m Zulrah's Scales 10k / ea Kraken Tentacle 80m Magic Fang 40m Tanzanite Fang 300 - 350m Dragon Implings 50k / ea Mark of Grace 25k / ea Revenant Ether 5k / ea Bucket Helm 100m Bucket Helm (g) 200m Golden Apron 100m Gold Chef's hat 100m Holy Sandals 75m Dragon Full Helm 50m Dragon PlateBody 750m - 1b Dragon Chainbody 25m Dragon Platelegs 2m Dragon Boots 25m Dragon Sq Shield 5m Dragon Full Helm (g) 80m Dragon Chainbody (g) 60m Dragon Platelegs (g) 25m Dragon Sq Shield (g) 30m Dragon Plateskirt (g) 20m Dragonfire Shield 75m Dragonic Visage 70m Infinity Hat / boots / gloves 10m Infinity Top / Bottom 50m Light Infinity Hat 50m Light Infinity Top / Bottom 75m Dark Infinity Hat 50m Dark Infinity Top / Bottom 75m Enchanted Set 25m / piece Ancestral Hat 800m - 1b Ancestral Robe Top 900m - 1.1b Ancestral Robe Top 900m - 1.1b Justiciar Faceguard 800m - 1b Justiciar Chestguard 900m - 1.1b Justiciar Legguard 900m - 1.1b Zuriel Hood 1.5b Zuriel Robe Top 1.5b Zuriel Robe Bottom 1.5b Elder Chaos Hood 500m Elder Chaos Robe Top 500m Elder Chaos Robe Bottom 500m Malediction Shard 1 / 2 / 3 50m Odium Shard 1 / 2 / 3 50m Spectral Spirit Shield 350 - 500m Twisted Buckler 500m Holy Elixir 25 - 50m Zenyte Shard 250 - 275m Ring of the Gods 25m Tyrannical Ring 20m Ring of Wealth 5m GodWars Item Price Bandos Chestplate 150m Bandos Tassets 200m Armadyl Chestplate 300m Armadyl Chainskirt 300m Armadyl Helm 300m Bandos Hilt 60m Armadyl Hilt 65m Saradomin Hilt 65m Zamorak Hilt 70m Saradomin Sword 20m Bandos Godsword 70m Armadyl Godsword 75m Saradomin Godsword 75m Zamorak Godsword 80m Zamorakian Spear / Hasta 100m Godsword Shard 1/2/3 2m / piece Godsword Blade 10m
  6. LadderGoat

    You litteraly just copied my application, it's a no for me.
  7. LadderGoat

    They do for me, try one of these links: https://scape-war.com/bin/Scape-War.jar https://scape-war.com/bin/SW_Win.zip
  8. Suggestions/Bug Fixes (Next Update) - Skotizo killcount broadcast message. Currently it's not being broadcast every 10 kills. - Fix killcount broadcast message. Shows 10 kc when you have 11 kc. - Make scythe hit 3 times on every melee-able GWD room boss/minions. (Not the minions in the dungeon itself). - Make "Quickprayer" detect if u disable prayers manualy. Right now, if u disable prayers manualy while they were activated by clicking the Quickprayer icon, the system still think the quickprayers are on. This will result in having to click twice on the icon to reactivate them again. - Broadcast active trivia every x minutes. Not everyone knows they have to write ::trivia to check if there's a trivia active. - Add taskbar inside client: * Website: ° Forums ° Highscores ° Vote ° Donate * Guides: ° Price Guides ° Skilling Guides ° PVM Guides * Discord: ° Connect * Report: ° Power abuser ° Player ° Unban/unmute appeal - Install afk kick timer of 30 minutes. People bankstand for over 4 days right now. - Remove or relocate elemental bosses as they are not active right now: Options: * Remove them and make revenants or chaos ele drop zuriel's. * Relocate them closer to eachother * Make a teleport for them so u don't have to walk all the way there. * ... - Make telekinetic grab work. - Reduce the amount of bots in the wilderness. Suggestions/Bug Fixes (Next Update Part 2): - Make Kraken profitable again: * Add Dragon Harpoon to droptable. (Give same stats & abilities as osrs) * Increase drop rates slightly. - Add chinchompa hunting (Red & black). - Add uncut gems (10-20 noted) to olm droptable. - Remove x-mas theme from website. - Slightly increase gp from thieving stalls. (5k each stall?). - Make clue scrolls tradeable (now only tradeable through POS). - Add raids 2: * Just as olm, create party and instantly fight boss. * Add virtus, pernix and torva to the drop table. * Add scythes to drop table (only colored ones) (same drop rate as chaos ele though). * ... - Facebook page has been deleted, recreate the page and make ads on facebook. That's how i found out about scape-war. - Remove ranks from forums: * Game Administrator (Regular administrator is game admin aswell) - Add ranks to forums: * Investor rank. - Let discord & forums detect amount donated (auto-set rank) - Collection log is bugged. Gets reset upon relog.
  9. LadderGoat

    rip dem specs 😞
  10. LadderGoat

    Since all current supports/mods are inactive, or afk when online, i'd like to reopen my staff application and volunteer as support.
  11. LadderGoat

    Delete your cache folder located mostly at C:\users\username\Scape-War. Reinstall client and try again.
  12. LadderGoat

    https://scape-war.com/forum/index.php?/profile/865-laddergoat/ my join date explains.
  13. LadderGoat

    Never seen you before, no.
  14. LadderGoat

    And an actual Drop Rate Percentage on every item, i agree.
  15. LadderGoat

    @Pfc Pug, bumping won't help. Maybe you should take a look at this thread since there's been made lots of suggestions already
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