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  1. LadderGoat

    The server had a reset, here's what you can do: - Any donations made on your account previously, could be reclaimed by typing ::claim - If not, contact Steven for more information.
  2. LadderGoat

    ⦁ Remove multi-pking from the server (excuses me????) and for the rest,i like every other thing on the list, just get it all done asap please, this would change so much 😃
  3. LadderGoat

    he already got unbanned xD
  4. LadderGoat

    They do for me, try one of these links: https://scape-war.com/bin/Scape-War.jar https://scape-war.com/bin/SW_Win.zip
  5. Suggestions/Bug Fixes (Next Update) - Skotizo killcount broadcast message. Currently it's not being broadcast every 10 kills. - Fix killcount broadcast message. Shows 10 kc when you have 11 kc. - Make scythe hit 3 times on every melee-able GWD room boss/minions. (Not the minions in the dungeon itself). - Make "Quickprayer" detect if u disable prayers manualy. Right now, if u disable prayers manualy while they were activated by clicking the Quickprayer icon, the system still think the quickprayers are on. This will result in having to click twice on the icon to reactivate them again. - Broadcast active trivia every x minutes. Not everyone knows they have to write ::trivia to check if there's a trivia active. - Add taskbar inside client: * Website: ° Forums ° Highscores ° Vote ° Donate * Guides: ° Price Guides ° Skilling Guides ° PVM Guides * Discord: ° Connect * Report: ° Power abuser ° Player ° Unban/unmute appeal - Install afk kick timer of 30 minutes. People bankstand for over 4 days right now. - Remove or relocate elemental bosses as they are not active right now: Options: * Remove them and make revenants or chaos ele drop zuriel's. * Relocate them closer to eachother * Make a teleport for them so u don't have to walk all the way there. * ... - Make telekinetic grab work. - Reduce the amount of bots in the wilderness. Suggestions/Bug Fixes (Next Update Part 2): - Make Kraken profitable again: * Add Dragon Harpoon to droptable. (Give same stats & abilities as osrs) * Increase drop rates slightly. - Add chinchompa hunting (Red & black). - Add uncut gems (10-20 noted) to olm droptable. - Remove x-mas theme from website. - Slightly increase gp from thieving stalls. (5k each stall?). - Make clue scrolls tradeable (now only tradeable through POS). - Add raids 2: * Just as olm, create party and instantly fight boss. * Add virtus, pernix and torva to the drop table. * Add scythes to drop table (only colored ones) (same drop rate as chaos ele though). * ... - Facebook page has been deleted, recreate the page and make ads on facebook. That's how i found out about scape-war. - Remove ranks from forums: * Game Administrator (Regular administrator is game admin aswell) - Add ranks to forums: * Investor rank. - Let discord & forums detect amount donated (auto-set rank) - Collection log is bugged. Gets reset upon relog.
  6. LadderGoat

    rip dem specs 😞
  7. LadderGoat

    Delete your cache folder located mostly at C:\users\username\Scape-War. Reinstall client and try again.
  8. LadderGoat

    And an actual Drop Rate Percentage on every item, i agree.
  9. LadderGoat

    @Pfc Pug, bumping won't help. Maybe you should take a look at this thread since there's been made lots of suggestions already
  10. LadderGoat

    rofl i was banned for advertising other rsps', unban me already.
  11. LadderGoat

    Having different donator zones would be awesome to have aswell. for example: ::dzone - regular donators ::pzone - Prime Donators ::szone - Super Donators ::lzone - Legendary Donators ::vzone - VIP Donators ::dezone - Demonic Donators ::izone - Investors All of these zones would have their own unique atributes (Bosses, trees, ores, stalls, etc....)
  12. LadderGoat

    Awesome update tbh, especially the raids.
  13. LadderGoat

    Haven't seen you in quiet a while, iProtect. Here's a picture of mine 🙂
  14. LadderGoat

    My pleasure 🙂
  15. LadderGoat

    Awesome update, glad to see that the bugs are getting fixed 😄
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