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  1. Please leave the paypal email that you used and @Steven can review this.
  2. O.o

  3. I'm going to be on and off until I find Sanctimonium online while I decide whether or not I have time to invest back into Scape-War again.
  4. O.o

  5. Fully support you if you would be able to be active like you used to. You definitely know all there is and more to be staff and I think you'd make a great staff member. Good luck. .... -Edit On second thoughts I just realized your from Australia and are on a different time zone than I am which could explain why I don't see you that much.
  6. Looks like you got the position, congratulations and welcome to the staff team.
  7. Every time someone asks me ingame about a secondary required for herblore I'm referring them to this post. Thank you for your effort in making this post it came out very nice.
  8. You have a very nice bank compared to mine. :)
  9. If your post does not use this format your post may be removed. Date and Time :What is the problem :Images/Video Proof :Additional Information :
  10. Hope things work out for you Dvine. I know you put a lot of time and effort into this server.
  11. Matt we are currently reviewing this appeal, give us time to find out who banned you and why.
  12. As far as skilling, it is the way it is for a reason. That is the way it is meant to be on this server. For things like crafting you have to go out and kill things for hides or gems like dragons or the wilderness bosses. Callisto is certainly good for crafting xp as it drops noted red dragon hides and gems. As for the skill zone and dicing zone, they have skilling teleports, no real need for a zone. And everyone dices at home mostly idk. And money is kinda easy to get but also very easy to lose. x.D... And Elite void being donator only is good, it isn't much better than regular void but a lot of people have donated just for elite void, if they were to make it so anyone could get it i'm sure a lot of players would be kind of upset.
  13. #topoortobeinsquad
  14. This would be great, anything to help organize my terrible looking bank. ;P
  15. Welcome to the server and to the forums! This introduction post is very good well done.
  16. Welcome to the forums man!
  17. Great guide Satanic, I'm glad your already active on the forums and like Sanctimonium said already creating content. Hopefully this guide helps new players get some defenders and even helps new players and veterans of the server become inspired to actually use the forums!
  18. Well done, thanks for getting these done in a timely manner we all appreciate it. Keep up the great work Blake!
  19. What user name are you using when you attempt to login? If you are attempting to use the same as your forum username and password you may run into problems as the forums and the in game servers are separate. You may have one username on the forums but it be taken in game. If this is not the case and you have been on the account in game before and just forgot the password then just leave your exact username as a reply to this post.
  20. Username: Falcon Time Played (full screen picture): Timezone: Central Standard Time (GMT - 5) Any outstanding infractions on your account?: Negative How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: 8 Hours a Day / 40 Hours a week Any past experiences?: Plenty of Support and Moderator experience across other RSPS's and even other games like SantosRP on GMOD which was pretty popular which I was an administrator on, and games like Arma III on Life Roleplay communities where players end up requesting staff every 5 - 10 minutes due to a rule break ingame. Do you have Skype?: I have Skype and Discord and TS3 What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: My strongest trait would have to be my maturity, it really helps with all of my other strong traits. My weakest trait would have to be my emotions towards people in real life which doesn't really affect anything ingame or over forums. Strength: I always have enjoyed helping people since I learn things so quick. I did it all through school helping classmates understand formulas and such. Weakness: I feel sometimes that I am perhaps to charitable, I can definitely tell from my real life financial situation, I have been to charitable towards others in my life and now I am left with virtually nothing. What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: Well, I have been addicted to this server for a few days now and have put in some serious hours every day, and atleast %50 of the time that I am online, there are 15+ players and no staff online and I would like to change that. I already know quite a bit about the server and am learning more every hour I spend on it and would love to be the one helping at night when no one else is. Even though I can also help when there is other staff online. What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: 1. One Quality necessary for a support is that you will need to know things that players might ask about. A good example might be the location of a monster or a price of an item. 2. Secondly, a necessary quality for a support is that you will need to have patience. As not all players are on the same level of maturity or understanding. You will have to be able to work through any problem someone might have. 3. Another necessary quality in a support is the actual want to help others. Theres no point in applying for a position thats main focus is helping people if you don't like helping people. 4. Also, there will be times when players get into an argument in which case a support should try to resolve this argument but to do so, I think a necessary quality is that the support member would have to be fair and see from both sides. OR realise that the argument is not meant for in-game chat and should be taken to the forums. 5. Lastly, A support team member should be active, your not helping anyone by being offline. What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: My long term goal is to help as many people as I can as the server grows to be many peoples favorite place to spend free time.
  21. https://gyazo.com/d90e77d7433ff2a215a659070664a02a EDIT ---------------------------------------------------------- This was swiftly fixed by the amazing developer Blake.
  22. Yeh I was one of the first to see the bug and I was so scared lmao.
  23. This is a great example, hunter is a very useful skill, you can get dragon and baby dragon bones from imps for prayer or hides for crafting, or you can kill dragons for hides.
  24. Question, are you using your forums Username and Password to try to log in to the server? Because they are separate and the name Jordan may already be taken in game. For in game, when you first open the client type in your desired username and password, if it says invalid password that means the username is already taken in which case you will have to try a new username.
  25. So first of all, I think adding placeholders couldn't hurt and would give organized people a way to organize their banks. I think skilling pets would be an awesome addition, I know everyone is going for prestige 10 in certain skills it would be awesome for there to be a chance at a pet. I'm not completely familiar with achievement points in the server or the use of them. But possibly being able to spend the points on these skilling outfits? As far as a crafting shop, I'm not sure Scape-War is the type of server to just have a shop with what you need to level a skill. For example, fletching or firemaking, you are going to have to cut your own logs to do so. Maybe they could add in the gem shop in the Tzhaar caves and let you use tokkul received from fight caves or Tzhaar monsters to buy gems. And I believe there was just an update post about raids items, go and check it out.