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  1. Perhaps "Voting Tickets" could be given along with the cash reward, and the voting tickets could be tradeable. Would be a decent way for starter players to get some extra cash by voting.
  2. Well done, this is some very good updates and we thank you.
  3. The location of blood and soul rifts have been swapped I believe.
  4. Hello ladies and gentleman, earlier today I rejoined the world of Scape-War. I joined Scape-War in august of 2017 and some of you may remember me. I had a lot of great times here and I can't really remember why I ever left. I joined back in a few times to check on how things were going but the server had reset and I didn't recognize anyone online. I thought that after all the time this server had been online that perhaps it would never be like it was back when I joined. However, after speaking to Steven on discord today I logged in for the first time in a while and I actually had fun starting the grind over again and seeing some familiar faces along with 30-40 other new faces and I am glad to see that the community as a whole has not changed in the fact that it is a fun and friendly environment, which is why I enjoyed my time here so much in the past. I look forward to all the good times ahead that I know we will have here together. I'll see you all in-game. ;)

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