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  1. Please leave the paypal email that you used and @Steven can review this.
  2. O.o

  3. O.o

  4. I'm going to be on and off until I find Sanctimonium online while I decide whether or not I have time to invest back into Scape-War again.
  5. Fully support you if you would be able to be active like you used to. You definitely know all there is and more to be staff and I think you'd make a great staff member. Good luck. .... -Edit On second thoughts I just realized your from Australia and are on a different time zone than I am which could explain why I don't see you that much.
  6. Looks like you got the position, congratulations and welcome to the staff team.
  7. Every time someone asks me ingame about a secondary required for herblore I'm referring them to this post. Thank you for your effort in making this post it came out very nice.
  8. You have a very nice bank compared to mine. :)
  9. If your post does not use this format your post may be removed. Date and Time :What is the problem :Images/Video Proof :Additional Information :
  10. Hope things work out for you Dvine. I know you put a lot of time and effort into this server.
  11. Matt we are currently reviewing this appeal, give us time to find out who banned you and why.
  12. As far as skilling, it is the way it is for a reason. That is the way it is meant to be on this server. For things like crafting you have to go out and kill things for hides or gems like dragons or the wilderness bosses. Callisto is certainly good for crafting xp as it drops noted red dragon hides and gems. As for the skill zone and dicing zone, they have skilling teleports, no real need for a zone. And everyone dices at home mostly idk. And money is kinda easy to get but also very easy to lose. x.D... And Elite void being donator only is good, it isn't much better than regular void but a lot of people have donated just for elite void, if they were to make it so anyone could get it i'm sure a lot of players would be kind of upset.
  13. #topoortobeinsquad
  14. This would be great, anything to help organize my terrible looking bank. ;P
  15. Welcome to the server and to the forums! This introduction post is very good well done.