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  1. Herblore Guide Beginners To obtain herbs you can either farm them or buy them from other players. Cleaning Herbs If you did happen to farm your own herbs or receive grimy herbs this is the levels required to clean them. Herbs must be cleaned to be used in potion making. Here is a table with all herbs and levels required. Image Herb Level Experience Guam 1 150 Marentill 5 200 Tarromin 11 250 Harralandar 20 300 Ranarr 25 350 Toadflax 30 400 Irit 40 450 Avantoe 48 500 Kwuarm 54 550 Snapdragon 59 600 Cadantine 65 650 Lantadyme 67 650 Dwarfweed 70 700 Torstol 75 750 Making Potions After cleaning the herbs to make a potion you will need: ~ 1x Vial of water ~ 1x Clean "herb" ~ 1x Secondary You will need a potion (unf) and the secondary required to make the potion. I have proved a table below with potion, level, herb, and secondary required. Herblore Image Herb/Potion Ingredients Ingredients Level Experience Attack Guam + Eye of Newt + 3 1250 Anti-Poison Marrentill + Unicorn Horn Dust + 5 1900 Strength Tarromin + Limpwurt Root + 14 2500 Restore Harralander + Red Spider Eggs + 22 3150 Prayer Ranarr + Snape Grass + 38 4400 Super Attack Irit + Eye of Newt + 45 5000 Super Antipoison Irit + Unicorn Horn Dust + 48 5300 Super Strength Kwuarm + Limpwurt Root + 55 6250 Super Restore Snapdragon + Red Spider Eggs + 63 7150 Super Defence Cadantine + White Berries + 66 7500 Antifire Lantadyme + Blue Dragonscale + 69 7900 Ranging Dwarfweed + Wine of Zamorak + 72 8150 Magic Lantadyme + Potatoe Cactus + 76 8650 Zamorak Brew Torstol + Jangleberries + 78 8750 Saradomin Brew Toadflax + Crushed Birds nest + 81 9000 Super Combat Torstol + Super Set + + + 90 7500 I hope this all helped you and goodluck on your 99 herblore grind. Kingly regards, Kevin aka Quality
  2. It doesn't give a good impression when you decide to skip things on your staff application. But other then that I still wish you goodluck.
  3. Solid application! Wish you the best of luck!
  4. Good luck mate, Solid application!
  5. Username: Quality Time Played (full screen picture): Timezone: I live in Belgium so its GMT +1 Any outstanding infractions on your account?: I have none. How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: I can play every day for atleast 3-5 hours Any past experiences?: I've had alot of previous experience with staff positions ranging from Helper to Co-owner. Do you have Skype?: I do have Skype and I will announce it. What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: Strength: My strenght will be my maturity and calmness, I don't get upset or will let my in real life problems get in between my 'duties' of my rank in-game. I am a friendly guy and always in the mood for things to do with players like events , etc.. Weakness: I honestly don't know because I always try do my best and be helpfull. What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: I'm active alot, I always try to help people that are in need and I know alot of things about this rsps What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: 1) Matureness : Without being mature you will never be able to adapt yourself to situations and will let your feelings get in the way. 2) The right mindset : You can't expect to get a staff position without the right mindset of being a plus in the server in a way of helping/improving the server. 3) Activity : You can't be a staff member without being active on the game. 4) None abusive : Its not because you are a staff member with new commands you are allowed to use them freely, only in situations that are getting out of hand. 5) Friendly : A staff member that isn't friendly is the worst thing you can have. Players see that rank and think I need to go to them for help, if you are not friendly people will think automatically that all staff members are unfriendly. What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: I hope to achieve the highest possible staff position with addition of achieving greatness in the server and improving it at the best of my ability. Other info: My real name is Kevin I'm 19 years old ( almost 20 ) and I live in Belgium, my hobby's are table soccer and thats actually it :D Kingly regards Kevin aka Quality
  6. Thanks man just helping out :)
  7. RIP :D
  8. Hey dude, we want to welcome you to our server and enjoy your stay We are really glad to have you on our community We'll talk in-game and if you need help don't hesitate to ask anyone !!
  9. Still a damn nice bank man gz !!
  10. This means so much man, this community wouldn't be something without you or everyone else
  11. Haha Sanct :D
  12. The mining is fine because you can tick mine and for the staff part, it isn't our decision to make. Its Steven decision to promote/demote someone.
  13. I was there !!!!
  14. Amen for this suggestion mate, Keep it up !!
  15. I sure did and I personally think it would be a good update for the server!
  16. So me Sancti Retch Kawaguchi and Neka are the Potato Hammer Squad !!
  17. i'll check if you are qualified enough for this Elite Squad :D
  18. Well i deleted the folder redownloaded and this happend
  19. True that
  20. Goodluck mate will take some time
  21. Skilling is fine and it is not ment to be easy, it truely is but its challenging and thats what ik makes it fun to play and go far prestige or maxing or even both The rest of the ideas i'm up for!
  22. Amen if this would come man Great suggestion!
  23. #Squadgoals
  24. Thank you :)
  25. Mate I ment that he forgot it in his list