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  1. It doesn't give a good impression when you decide to skip things on your staff application. But other then that I still wish you goodluck.
  2. Solid application! Wish you the best of luck!
  3. Good luck mate, Solid application!
  4. Thanks man just helping out :)
  5. RIP :D
  6. Hey dude, we want to welcome you to our server and enjoy your stay We are really glad to have you on our community We'll talk in-game and if you need help don't hesitate to ask anyone !!
  7. Still a damn nice bank man gz !!
  8. This means so much man, this community wouldn't be something without you or everyone else
  9. Haha Sanct :D
  10. The mining is fine because you can tick mine and for the staff part, it isn't our decision to make. Its Steven decision to promote/demote someone.
  11. I was there !!!!
  12. Amen for this suggestion mate, Keep it up !!
  13. I sure did and I personally think it would be a good update for the server!
  14. i'll check if you are qualified enough for this Elite Squad :D
  15. True that