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    Anonymous reacted to Harry in Suggestions on Skilling/Bossing guides   
    Killing KBD is a great way to achieve 99 crafting from an already decent level, for those who didn't know. Sea troll queen is decent for low level gems, killing her for an hour or so should give you enough gem to get high enough to make black d'hide.
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    Anonymous reacted to emp in Ulitmate Runecrafting Guide   
    Part 1
    So to start of Rune crafting you will just need pure essence for the start so make you way to here just north of edgeville ditch

    Here Is Mage

    Then Right click

    Then Click Teleport

    Here Is A Map Of The Abyss

    Here Is How You Check What Drops Pure Essence

    Then Type In Pure Essence Where It says Item

    Part 2
    mSo For this part i will tell you what levels you can swap to higher tier runes to make also you get from small pouch to giant pouch just from doing rc at random levels you will have obtained all 4 then will be able to get more efficient experience gains 
    For this i know you can change runes but this is the way i do it to 99 so if you are wondering why runes are missing this is because why
    Level 1 - 44 
    Air Runes
    Level 44 - 54
    Nature Runes
    Level 54 - 65 
    Law Runes
    Level 65 - 77
    Death Runes
    Level 77 - 90
    Blood Rune
    Level 90 - 99
    Soul Runes
    Part 3
    Congratulations You Are Now 99 Rune Crafting

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    Anonymous reacted to Blake in Ava Assembler Bugged   
    They don't work either
    Unless it doesn't work the same as the accumulator idk. It doesn't save anything you fire.

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