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  1. Damn dude you spent some time on this but good to see this here :) ! Is a really great piece of work
  2. Case fixed Closed
  3. thanks for these updates blake
  4. hope to see you ingame welcome to the server dude! If you ever need help just ask in help cc or pm me if im online or any other staff members :D
  5. ive done over 500 hard tasks and many boss tasks i would like to see every like 10 or so a few more points because it takes a while but its not to bad atm
  6. congrats dude
  7. O.o

    i miss you :(
  8. O.o

    when are you back <3
  9. Great guide dude
  10. i want to turn into coins now
  11. i thought ring of coins would turn you into coins ? ;p
  12. i agree with hole would be a good idea
  13. thanks for the updates blake
  14. O.o

    hi sanct :(
  15. last few weeks have been tough having my house broken into and having multiple things stolen, but have been working with the police to find the person that broke into my house through our camera that caught his face which i am very happy about and i am hoping i can play a bit more now with starting back at university i hope to see some old people in game :) Thanks, Sora
  16. thanks dude
  17. Hi guys sora here i am not sure when i will be back due to university starting back soon and waiting to get my computer fixed so i might see you guys in a few weeks really missing the server, peace
  18. not sure if i should return :/
  19. these ideas are pretty simple but would be good features :)
  20. i used to know how to
  21. Prestige 10 skills Prestige 10 Attack Prestige 10 Strength Prestige 10 Defence Prestige 10 Range Prestige 10 Prayer Prestige 10 Magic Prestige 10 Hitpoints Prestige 10 Fishing prestige 10 Cooking Prestige 10 Firemaking Prestige 10 Slayer Prestige 10 Woodcutting The ones i am working on thieving farming hunter In the future i will add more Also i am going to be grinding 10k dragon imps and 1k kc on most bosses for now
  22. cheers dude
  23. Welcome to the server dude hope you have a great time xp grinding :D
  24. what barrows items