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  1. Sora

    ae lets go :D
  2. Sora

    cheers buddy :)
  3. Sora

    Firstly i think you should add in some sort of reward for hitting prestige 10 in a skill like 99 prayer unlimited prayer points in pvm or slayer x2 lucky drop when pres 10 Second you should look into bringing nex items into the game :) even though they arent 07 but maybe theres a way to get them in Third maybe look into bring in cape enhancements which would be cool or maybe a 120 cape at prestige 10 with privileges and lastly maybe bring in a luck drop chart for items so we can see what the drop rates are because im not sure if you have as the same as 07 Cheers Sora :)
  4. Username:Sora Time Played (full screen picture): 2 days Timezone: NZST (UTC+12:00) Any outstanding infractions on your account?:no How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?:5 hours a day 30 hours a week Any past experiences?: yes i was a head mod on another server with over 50+ players online at all times Do you have Skype?:yes What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: my strongest trait is that im very peaceful and calm, so i will spend alot of time helping people out no matter how long it takes because im patient and will do my best to answer a question to the best of my ability. my worst trait is I often don't feel good about myself. I think I'm not good enough or trying hard enough. I think people are or will be disappointed in me. Strength: Humble, Friendly, Peaceful, Sense of Humour ;) Weakness:being to hard on myself What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: i think it would be good to have someone from new zealand since we are such different time zones and it would be good to have a staff member on when there is no other staff members on. Also i have only classes from uni so i can be on most of the time even when theres other staff on but i would love the opportunity to take charge when its day time for me and night for you so i can help out the players to the best of my ability. What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: 1. know my stuff about the questions that will be asked 2. Being patient 3. Having to make crucial decisions 4. Wanting to get more players/promotions 5. Being helpful towards the players no matter what is happening with me. What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: i hope to do what is necessary to help the server grow and to get to know the players one by one and just overall have fun at the same time, also just having the chance to be apart of this great community of members and just chilling in spawn and helping out the fellow players. Thanks Sora :)
  5. Sora

    yeah will be cool to have 50+ people on
  6. Sora

    damn nice guide but yeah should add in inv and weps
  7. Sora

    i reckon you should be able to upgrade your void so then iron men will be able to get better bonus and something to grind at pc would be fun :)
  8. Sora

    sick fixes :)
  9. Sora

    yeah dude that would be cool
  10. damn son i killed so slow
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