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    yeah would be great to see peoples progress/videos/guides etc.
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    only a few people post/comment on forums so it is hard to keep post count without spamming posts 😕
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    :33 thanks dude
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    will be updating this with a few more things in future
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    Part 1 The Beginning When you first log in you will get this message Press yes if you want a quick guide around Choose your mode wisely You will get this kit when your first make your account Welcome To Scape Wars Part 2 The Tour These are where the shops are located (north of bank) Here is prayer alter use bones on it to gain more xp (north of bank) Here is where you can change magic spell book (north of bank) Here is where you can begin making fast cash by thieving (north of bank) Here is where you teleport to dark alter to use ensouled heads on for great prayer xp (west of bank) Here is where you prestige skills if you want, their are a total of 10 prestige's once at 10 you can go for 200m xp (west of bank) Here is where you claim untradeble items if you die in wildy (west of bank) Here is achievement reward shop (south of bank) Here is barrow's repair guy (south of bank) Here is where you change zammy spear to hasta (south of bank) Here is slayer master (south of bank) Here is vote booth (south wall inside bank) Here is account security (west wall inside bank) Here is donator shop (north wall inside bank) Enjoy your stay at scape wars
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    thanks for these updates
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    Welcome to the server dude :)
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    thanks for these fixes :)
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    thanks for for these updates :)
  10. Part 1 For this guide i will be explaining how to do fire making, Woodcutting and Fletching in one guide To Start Come Here Skilling Tools Here Is Shop All the tools needed (You Can Get Dragon Hatchet From Players And Daggannoth Bosses) To Get To Woodcutting Teleport Main Woodcutting Area Magic Logs Are South West Of Woodcutting Teleport Fire Making Teleport Start Here And Repeat And For Fletching You Can Just Do At Any Bank Or While Woodcutting Part 2 Woodcutting Guide Level 1 - 15 Normal Trees Level 15 - 30 Oak Trees Level 30 - 45 Willow Trees Level 45 - 60 Maple Trees Level 60 - 75 Yew Trees Level 75 - 99 Magic Logs Fire Making Guide Level 1 - 15 Normal Trees Level 15 - 30 Oak Trees Level 30 - 45 Willow Trees Level 45 - 60 Maple Trees Level 60 - 75 Yew Trees Level 75 - 99 Magic Logs Fletching Guide Levels 1 - 5 Arrow Shafts Level 5 - 10 Short Bow Level 10 - 20 Long Bow Level 20 - 25 Oak Short Bow Level 25 - 35 Oak Long Bow Level 35 - 40 Willow Short Bow Level 40 - 50 Willow Long bow Level 50 - 55 Maple Short Bow Level 55 - 65 Maple Long Bow Level 65 - 70 Yew Short Bow Level 70 - 80 Yew Long Bow Level 80 - 85 Magic Short Bow Level 85 - 99 Magic Long Bow Other alternatives for this skill is if you have a lot of dragon head arrows or dragon dart tips from level 90 you can do arrows and at level 95 you can do dragon darts Part 3 Congratulations you are now 99 Fletching, Woodcutting and Fire Making
  11. Sora

    Part 1 So to start of Rune crafting you will just need pure essence for the start so make you way to here just north of edgeville ditch Here Is Mage Then Right click Then Click Teleport Here Is A Map Of The Abyss Here Is How You Check What Drops Pure Essence Then Type In Pure Essence Where It says Item Part 2 mSo For this part i will tell you what levels you can swap to higher tier runes to make also you get from small pouch to giant pouch just from doing rc at random levels you will have obtained all 4 then will be able to get more efficient experience gains For this i know you can change runes but this is the way i do it to 99 so if you are wondering why runes are missing this is because why Level 1 - 44 Air Runes Level 44 - 54 Nature Runes Level 54 - 65 Law Runes Level 65 - 77 Death Runes Level 77 - 90 Blood Rune Level 90 - 99 Soul Runes Part 3 Congratulations You Are Now 99 Rune Crafting
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    plenty more guides coming soon
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    ❤️ thanks dude
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