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  1. yeah dude im here for the grind again xd
  2. Hey sora here im gonna try start playing abit more so cant wait to see you all ingame :D
  3. welcome back dude :)
  4. nice updates man
  5. hmm seems good but if population keeps growing then 200m is good but for now should remain at 100m
  6. Fishing Spots at fishing guildl there is none When farming you log out and in your herb glitches out no farming spots for tree seeds crystal seed has no use cant craft soul runes because no alter Agility should be buffed or add more rooftop courses mining is far to slow
  7. Achievements when you search profiles doesnt count, set account security details, Skeletal wyvern when will these be added?
  8. Cant get into the mining guild parts at mining teleport cant go into where you go for infernal cape area at mini games telport fight caves glitch when u stand outside gen store at home and click ladder you glitch above the map
  9. Cant use lumbridge craft wheel

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