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    Hello welcome to my hunter guide I have set up 2 methods of doing this guide the first method is watching the video below and referencing from this page or you can just read below and it will get you through it all the same in the video I give out pointers and such to help you get done more efficiently. Whichever you pick it up to you.
       Getting There
    To get to the puro puro field you will need to first open you skilling teleport click hunter then click go to teleport to puro puro

    Baby Implings: Level 1-22
    From level 1 to 22 you will catch Baby Implings
    Young Implings: Level 22-28
    At level 22 you unlock Young Implings you will want to catch both Young and Baby to get yourself to 28
    Gourmet Implings: Level 28-36
    At 28 you will have unlocked the Gourmet Implings you will want to catch all 3 implings whenever you see them for most efficient exp
    Earth Implings: Level 36-42
    At level 36 you will unlock the ability to catch Earth Implings from here you no longer want to catch baby implings because it is exp waste.
    Essence Implings: Level 42-50
    At level 42 you unlock Essence Implings in which you will be catching gourmet to Essence which from here on out and what you will be doing only catch the best 3 implings ignore the rest.
    Eclectic Implings: Level 50-58
    At level 50 you unlock the Electic Impling in which you will be catching until 58
    Nature Implings: Level 58-65
    You will be catching nature implings from level 58 until level 65
    Magpie Implings: Level 65-74
    At 65 you will unlock Magipie implings which will be the last bad impling
    Ninja Implings: Level 74-83
    At level 74 you unlock ninja implings I advise you to only catch these until 83 and the reason behind that is because ninja implings have a chance of giving you black dragonhides which at 84 crafting you will be able to make black d'hide bodies for some really good crafting exp. This is the fastest method in game to get to 99 crafting by far.
    Dragon Implings: Level 83+
    Congrats on getting to 83 Hunter. You now have access to catch dragon implings, notable rewards from them are dragon darts (darts and tips), dragon bolts (finished and unfinished you will need to enchant them), dragon arrows (arrows and tips), and dragon bones
    I hope this guide helped you if it need make sure to reply down below I would love to hear from you guys let me know what you think or if there is anything I should correct in this guide. If you find that I am doing something wrong feel free to reply and let me know what's up. Thanks for reading, have a good day.

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