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  1. Thanks for the suggestions. always appreciated.
  2. very nice work :)
  3. welcome! we're very happy to have you. If you need anything just let me know :)
  4. So sad to see you go but so happy for you. Best of luck man! time to embrace the suck :) death by PowerPoint haha
  5. dang nice come up
  6. Where's Ep2? I need my fix!
  7. Hey man that's an awesome tab:) keep up the hard work, it'l all pay off in the end:)
  8. Love the skilling idea.
  9. i'll take you up on that. thanks :)
  10. we're really glad to have you. I hope you stay :) I only play on the weekends so hope to see you around.
  11. added a arma and bands set and about 200m curtesy of quality today :p
  12. I know I'm poor. Just for funzies:)
  13. we're glad to have you:) thanks for the kind words.
  14. https://gyazo.com/4205475cfc2ba0874067f62e544fa1f0
  15. if you click on the quest tab 4 lines down it says (bonus skill) and shows that hourly skill :)