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    Agility Is a super easy yet boring skill. I just wanted to share some tips and tricks to make it a little easier for those who aren't familiar with it on this server. Thanks for checking the guide out and good luck skilling. To start the skill click on the skilling teleport and then click agility. Then press the 1st option "gnome course." Use the gnome course until level 35 at which point you should switch over to the barbarian course. Stay at the barb course until 52 and then decide to go to the wildy course or stay until 60 and then go to the seers rooftop course. I would stay until 60 and skip the wild. You will be at seer's from 60-90 agility. At 90 switch over to the final course "Ardy." TIPS and Tricks- 1st- If you want to trade in your agility tickets you can do so at the wildy agility course 2nd- If you want to get full graceful you can do so by collecting enough marks and going to the rouges den. The best way to do that is by using the minigame teleport to warriors guild. Note that you need 99 attack or strength or a combo of 130 in both of those to leave the warriors guild. So level 3 pures will need to teleport to falador and walk up. Also note that you need 50 agility and thieving to enter the rouges den. 3rd- final tip. while training from 60-90 leave the teleport page open, once you've finished the course simply teleport back to the seers course. This will save a lot of time. Also note that marks of grace glitch a lot. sometimes the mark will stay on the ground even though it was added to your inventory. Don't fret you still got the mark. Happy training 🙂

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