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  1. twisted pure

    Good morning peeps. Today I wanted to being you a simple yet effective mining guide. Mining is pretty straight forward with just a few tricks that will greatly help you along the way. Mining levels and what to mine at each. 1-15 mine tin/copper (usually I mine 1 inventory of each just to be set for smiting later) 15-66 mine iron 66-85 mine coal 85-99 mine gold Also if you want you can stop mining gold at 92/93 and mine mith to 99. So the reason you want to mine each ore until the levels above apart from iron at 15 is because you can 1 tick mine at those levels. You don't want to move on to the next ore until you can 1tick the next. A few things of note. If you want a little more experience while mining then make sure to get the prospectors outfit. The outfit is purchased from the stardust shop with stardust from mining falling stars in edgeville (a random event.) The set only gives 2.5% xp boost so It's not a big deal to have it or not. Also if you want to be a little more lazy while mining with $250 donated you can afk mine rune rocks at ::dzone. With $250 donated the rune rocks will never deplete so you can just chill and talk to other scapers while gaining some slow mining xp. This will require 85 mining. If you have any other questions then feel free to pm me in-game and I'll do my best to guide you in the right direction. Also I didn't provide the secret mining spots in this guide in an attempt to keep them less crowded. With that being said if you'd like to know just PM me and ill show you. The majority of mining is done in the mining guide and crafting guide with a few places around the game that are better suited for the grinders of the server 🙂
  2. twisted pure

    If you ever kill it again, range it and pray mage 🙂 fun video though.
  3. twisted pure

    dope, thanks man
  4. twisted pure

    nice work man. thank you! now let's increase the buy limit in stores xd 🙂
  5. twisted pure

  6. twisted pure

    if you click on the quest tab 4 lines down it says (bonus skill) and shows that hourly skill :)
  7. twisted pure

    I would love to see the addition of a bone crusher. In my opinion this item would add a lot to the quality of life of the server. Maybe it could be purchased with slayer points but if that was the case it should be a small amount. I personally would rather see it be purchasable with gp. Any gold sinks are good sinks :p
  8. twisted pure

  9. twisted pure

    As it stands the slayer helm offers a -6 magic bonus and -2 range bonus with no change in melee. yes it gives positive defence bonuses but the point of the slayer helm is to increase damage on slayer tasks not take damage away :)
  10. twisted pure

    A good donor zone is key to getting more donations and growing the server. I'd love to see it revamped.
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