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  1. The issues with this is that no two options should have been given, There was a ton of people that all agreed that unfortunately you did not win that game as you have no matching flowers and "That teun" who I was planting for won with a 1 pair, Even MT who planted for you stated that you lost. You lost the flower poker game dude, and Zenith made a mistake by giving you the options, (that is life, people make mistakes), I dont know what you would like to achieve with this post as the outcome is final when you gamble, be prepared to lose... I hope you dont leave / quit, like you stated you were going to.
  2. +1 from me, dude is always only and gets on with everyone which is a key factor to being staff.
  3. 100% mate, would be happy with you on the staff team.
  4. poison spiders have no drops, found it as this was my first slayer task

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