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  1. Sanctimonium

    We've been there before :D and we will be again!
  2. Sanctimonium

    Hey Hawkward, thank you for your suggestion! :) those are great ideas, and you'll be happy to know that they are already in the works! We'll be seeing tremendous growth for this server, count on it! Cheers!
  3. Sanctimonium

    Hey man, welcome to the server! I'm glad you enjoy it. I like your suggestions for the dzone. I'd love to see something come of this, especially the idea of making the area a centralized area for certain elements of skilling, like a Magic tree. +1 :)
  4. Sanctimonium

    Love you already welcome to the server mate :)
  5. Sanctimonium

    Upboat +1 :p
  6. Sanctimonium

    I think this is something that we should keep going :p
  7. Sanctimonium

    Extremely well put together, good job mate :D if you're on later we should get some community events going and grab a bunch of screenies/video clips?
  8. Sanctimonium

  9. Sanctimonium

    I'm a big fan of this idea, and if I could expand on it some more and incorporate some ideas I've heard from other players, I think that adding certain currently unavailable skilling elements to the dzone would certainly be a tempting perk to players. For example, to train thieving and streamline training for crafting, what if a gem stall were added in dzone? Very enticing to players as it can take awhile to gather d'hides or uncuts, and if one wishes to remain level 3 they must buy the materials, which can be very costly. Thats just one example drawn from other players' feedback that I thought would be a good tie-in.
  10. Sanctimonium

    Nice to see you on forums man! I look forward to seeing you in game more. My bank absolutely loves you, must be why I keep losing it all to you <\3 :P
  11. Sanctimonium

    You've got skills man, those are excellent. :)
  12. Sanctimonium

    Nice to meet you man, I look forward to seeing you more ingame. Always feel free to pm me if you need anything, or just to chat :D
  13. Sanctimonium

    Hey man! It's nice to see you on forums. I look forward to seeing you in game more, and welcome to the server! K I'll stop reading this and go back to my gains now. ;)
  14. Sanctimonium

    Those are some pretty sweet renderings. I agree that max prestige capes would serve as a large source of motivation. Especially to those of us who are terrified at the thought of starting a skill over. 10th prestige Fletching.. Ugh. Hah
  15. Sanctimonium

    We got everyone on the server to come together this evening for a crap ton of rounds of Pest Control! It was awesome seeing the community delve into a team minigame. Roodington, Zemesis, Clank (mr. b0nk), Gorilla and everyone else, it was fun guys :P
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