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  1. Here are a couple of examples for you guys
  2. You start this server and you get introduced to the ability of prestiging your skills. One may achieve only a max prestige level of 10 in every skill. You inform yourself more and get told that once you prestige your skill color will change to represent your prestige, and yet none of that really happens. So now heres the idea... What do you guys think of adding a max prestige level 10 skillcape, maybe simple smoke at the end or something to represent that you are now max prestige in that specific skill. Certainly a pride and joy after putting in so much exp, a grand total of nearly 140M exp. Lets us show our hard work and be proud of wearing such a cape. P. S it would also be somewhat motivation for players to reach higher prestige levels to one day also be able to stand amongst the great and wear such pride forming a true war-scape comunity. - - ZEM - -