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  1. welcome slick , glad to have you ! :)
  2. So , what will happen when steven checks the logs and proves it wasn't me ? a mute period for flaming me over the yell and apology seems fair to me. I have 0% to worry about. I know steven will check and it will prove I did nothing lol. we can even offer the other party to comment on this , also known as wilkas? wilkins or whatever his name is.
  3. WHATS UPPPP BOYSSS , I'm back , finally got my PC running again , but with small problems like not being able to run the .jar file .... any help ?
  4. agreed
  5. was nice meeting you today , glad to have you on the server! if you ever need anything let me know!
  6. Very well put together application Rood! Best of luck! - Bape
  7. awesome post , i also second all of these as an ironman!
  8. This is my time played , and it goes to show you my activity because if you look at my staff application that i posted yesterday , i played another 10 hours after posting it ! cheers