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  1. gllllllllllllllll tooooooooooooooooooo allllllllllllllll am going to win lime whip
  2. thanks very much for ur hard work blake !!!!
  3. 1- pk bug ea time I go on edge pk I get my target which is I am not going to attack my target has to log of so da guy dat am going to fight is going to be my target so target thing have to be removed or fixed 2- fishing bug ea time I get full inv go to deposite bank to bank my fish etc. some times it freezes @ da deposite bank screen if theres a staff I have to tell them to kick me if no staff I have close da client so fix it pls guys
  4. good idea mate and I think the tickets should worth 10-20m ea ticket and gl mate !!!!!!! u got my vote on dis project
  5. nice mate b0nk made gzzz
  6. da fak gzzz mate
  7. da current staff are active and helpful thanks very much!!!
  8. wtb me :( ly4life rsps
  9. gz mate nice one
  10. I think da issue is about the blood money and ea kill u kill u get only 20-30 bm and dat aint a big amount to buy something from da bm shop like ags or claws u need like 200 kills to get bm to buy ags what steven changes the bm amount for like 300 bm ea ags and claws there will be 60% of players pking for ags and claws which are 150m ea ingame so think about it
  11. and which whip we will be using?? normal or tent? and will there be givebacks?
  12. I will join da dh tournament and no ags and claws -_- because not everyone got one do dds is better and ign:ly4life! gl too allllll i
  13. lol damn u got poison dds omg hm is it cost pls :) nice bank made mate
  14. welcome back again just finshed uploading my second vid for me and da active players+ staff thanks for da fun guys!! sub+like and comment if theres anything wrong with da vid guys !!!! thanks for watching!!! ly4life!!!!