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    toasted reacted to Satanical in Updates 3/03/2019   
    I'm sure your players are happy they waited a whole month for updates and they get this!
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    toasted got a reaction from Reee in Possible Reward for reaching Prestige 10 in a skill   
    A color customizable cape that you can make match any outfit would be cool. 
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    toasted reacted to Reee in Possible Reward for reaching Prestige 10 in a skill   
    What would you guys think of a Master Skill Cape kinda thing for reaching prestige 10 in a skill? I think it would be a cool way to incentives players to prestige and push for that, because you know, fashionscape. Love to hear your guys thoughts, so put them below!
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    toasted got a reaction from never hot in Staff and staff applicants   
    I think the staff and people who want to be staff need to be forum active as well as in game. Maybe a minimum post count should be required. Food for thought feel free to reply with more criteria or criticism. 
    Edit: maybe no req for support but mod+ should that way supports can establish themselves in the community. 

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