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  1. Awesome! thank you for the updates :)
  2. Congratz Skully!
  3. I know this is Pre eoc so its like osrs. But i do have some Rs2/Rs3 ideas that i did love that they added. 1. Ivy for woodcutting. 2. Evil trees, with the tentacles and everything. 3. Infernal pickaxe and hatchet as well as harpoon added to cerberus. 4. Chaotic weapons. Possibly earned from Slayer and/or donations. 5. Possible ::dzonetrain command takes you to an area that trains certain skills.
  4. Hello everybody! Its your friendly neighborhood pot-head coming to say hello for an introduction into scape-war. I've been playing Rsps for a good while now possibly 2 years? So if you have ever seen my name in any rsps it most likely is me! So far I've been on this server for 8 hours. I already know a good amount of players and have made good friends with a lot of them. I don't like ass holes or sarcasm or trolls one thing to crack my trigger. Not the best way to introduce myself with triggers but whatever that's what this post is for right? To know more about me?