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  1. Should be called "LangeBitch". You poor soul having to cry because i won 2 hide and seeks by miles.. And probably would have won the next one if i wasn't helping someone else get there. I was literally going to offer you the acb or prim boots before you were rude and then you continued so there wasn't any point. I feel bad for people having to put up with all the cancer from the shitty community off this server. Your interest is big booty bitches, but only because of the amount of porn you watch. A kid like you, only way you are getting a girl is money ;) And then again like a kid like you could get a job.
  2. It would be a lot like the crystal key mechanic so if its a key just use on a chest that can be placed at ::home and get a variety of high tier items depending on the level of the boss, so its not just for getting the community together. Hopefully can see it added in someway :)
  3. I wanted to recommend adding an event boss that spawns maybe every couple of hours, so it has a set time before it disappears if no one goes to attack it.. Its just something that can get the community of the server together at one point to kill the boss together for a specific reward like an event key or something that can be figured out later on. Maybe make more then one type of event boss so they can be different difficulties so we don't need like 10+ people or something every time one spawns. But obviously make the reward less if its an easier boss.