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  1. https://gyazo.com/da839e5697a0253efd782f4194d238b7
  2. On my ironman, Got a kraken tentacle first kill as you can see in another topic below and now on my non ironman i got it first kill aswell :)) @Mickey
  3. Cheers guys :3
  4. Hey lads, I've just recently joined the server, and i'm really loving it. I thought i'd just introduce myself because i think it's important to be active on both forums and in game. I'd love to have a chat in game IG : Iron Billy See you round :) :)
  5. Hey guys, Just like suggest a couple of things on behalf of most ironmen and regular players: A complimentary xp boost for voting, eg 50% increased xp for 20 minutes or so that also applies to ironmen Allowing ironmen to reap the hourly xp boosts. Cheers Iron Billy