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  1. I love number 3!
  2. Nice! Did you get the 3rd age items from clue scrolls?
  3. To attack any npc; go to settings >> Press the wrench icon >> Click on Attack Priority >> Click on confirm.
  4. This is very nice, well deserved! Both of you! And goodluck in your new positions.
  5. +1 ign: Skully
  6. So it finally happened! I got my first pet!
  7. This is beautiful.
  8. <3
  9. Haha nice intro! Enjoy your time on this server! ;)
  10. Thanks! I'm happy to be a part of the team! ;)
  11. uironman is difficult too difficult, cant use looting bag. (imo) Might be because i'm a noob... :(
  12. Road to all boss pets :)
  13. So... you put an application on the forum to become a staff member 4 days ago and now you're quitting?
  14. These are really good suggestions
  15. This is an awesome idea!
  16. Wait, no more vegeta?
  17. I love cakes idea's. Skilling pets pl0x. And super restores are in dstores, only thing is that they're 10k ea which is insane.
  18. Cakey <3
  19. Hello I heard that skilling pets aren't in the game (yet :) ). I think it would be a cool addition to the server. The pets that you can retrieve from skilling on OSRS are down below. Thank you for reading.