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  1. +1 IGN : Lola Good luck :)
  2. Congratulation guys! Wish you the best for the rest. -Lola
  3. Will be happy to play with you, have a good time with the community ! -Lola
  4. Ahah :p thanks guys! love y'all <3 Lola
  5. Hi everyone! As you may know, i've been playing the server for quite a bit now. I've seen many things in here and aquired a good knowledge of the content that the server has. I'm posting my application as a staff in here. Why should I be a Staff? 1. I'm studying as a police officer in my country, so I'm familiar with enforcement of laws. 2. I'm active, being on everyday or almost. 3. I'm friendly and helpful, as many people can relate I think. 4. I've tried everything on the server and know most of it. 5. I like the server and want to make it better for every players. It's growing and want to help it be greater everyday. 6. I want everybody to have a fair play and be happy to be part of the scape-war's community. In short, I think being part of the staffs could be a plus to the community and I'd be glad to help it improve with my knowledge and happiness. Cordially, Lola.