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  1. Welcome to the forum
  2. Strong application, clear dedication with playtime. Good luck sir
  3. RIP to my OG staff members
  4. Zenyte omg god bless
  5. Welcome my man.
  6. welcome my dude
  7. Hey lads. So after grinding some bosses today, something crossed my mind. I think that it'd be a pretty cool idea to have a scoreboard (or something to that effect) that would keep track of your boss kill-counts. I suppose the object itself would look something like the scoreboard at the duel arena. Another cool feature that could be added to it would display the members with the highest kill-counts for said bosses (like a boss kc highscores). This would be a neat way to keep track of your kills, and could also add a bit of a more competitive nature to bossing. Let me know what you think!
  8. +1
  9. Keep up the vids bro. BTW maybe try making the vids in a higher recording quality. :)
  10. Welcome back man
  11. hi

    Good for server. Keep it up :)
  12. +1 good suggestions bro
  13. How much for the ags.
  14. Welcome to the game my man.
  15. welcome bro!
  16. Hey guys. As some of you knew my uncle was admitted to the hospital for a heart surgery two weeks ago. There were some complications after the surgery, and he has passed away. This has been the reason for me not being on at all this week. I apologize Steve for not letting you know beforehand about my absence from staff, it's just been a very difficult time for my family and I did not think to get on. I will be taking some extended time off of scape for obvious reasons. All the best.
  17. welcome my man
  18. jealous of the hellpuppy :)
  19. Good work blake!
  20. Support to all these
  21. You can now talk in clan chats whilst having an interface open." yaaaaasss blake
  22. Agree with all of these. Thanks for the post :D
  23. Excellent work. thats tough
  24. Nice video bro :)