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  1. Hello everyone.

    Big things are happening.
    We are, and we will be gathering the old staff team back together. We are going to dump a big lot of money into advertising, this is possible because we have saved up a lot of donations in this. This means we are going to get a lot of new players, and we, the staff team is going to get some updates as well. We beg you all to be respectful and kind to all the new, and old players who will be joining back on the server.


    In a very soon to come future, we will be updating as often as possible (preferably daily).

    If you have any bugs, fails, suggestions please do tell a staffmember, and they will direct it to Steven or Holemess.

  2. Hello members of the Scape-War community!
    First of all, I want to wish you all a happy day on behalf of the whole staff team!
    The following changes have occured to the team:
    @Mickey has been promoted to Co-Owner

    @Mickey has shown to us that he has what it takes to take on the role of Co-Owner and we all wish to congratulate him on this success.

    If I am going to study International Secyrity then Mickey takes over my role if I can't log on some time. 


    Promoted to Community-Manager! He will likely be a valuable asset to the staff team.
    We are still looking for good quality staff members, so if you think you have what it takes, feel free to apply on the staff application section of the forums following the correct format!

    Scape-War Owner

  3. Hello!

    I'm buying Advertiserments soon if the raids will be added!

    The places list:

    RUNELOCUS 500$

    RSPS-LIST PREMIUM 364 DAYS FOR 91$ + Banner (Month) 350$ = 441$

    Rune-Server 150$

    Arena-Top100 150$

    Facebook 334$

    Youtubers 250$

    Proxys (Streaming) 200$

    Summary will be 2025$

    That is why I am doing 50% off donations till end of the month.

    Please, if you have chance to help the server out, then please, do it! After donation I am adding the points manually.

    Time to hit 200+ online 


    Best regards,

    The Scape-War staff team



    hope you donate as much as p