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  1. Nice. And nice music choise ;D
  2. He was not active so i demoted him yesterday when I wrote the post.
  3. Well. Support/s: (They do not have alot of commands, but they are helping newcomers. I have seen them alot online so I decided to promote them cuz they know alot of server.) Pfc pug LAST LOGIN: 2017-06-04 20:05:02 It is acceptable because his mom is very sick and I hope everything will be okay. Flintsone LAST LOGIN: 2017-06-05 23:02:51 He is also active. Reverze LAST LOGIN: 2017-06-06 19:32:53 Very active guy! Moderators: (They have more commands to play with) Cake Soap LAST LOGIN: 2017-06-06 09:28:37 The guy I trust much, he is from Alos. (Very active) Spookz LAST LOGIN: 2017-06-06 16:59:33 The guy I also trust and he also support the server alot. Administrator/s: Matt - Well, he is not active so much but if he got more free time he will be more online :) Community Manager/s: Mickey - When he logged on first time on Scape-War, he said: "I will be community manager soon" AND HE EARNED IT SO FAST. Like you see, he is very active. Anyways, if you have pretensions, then contact me. :) Best regards, Steven pretensions
  4. Welcome <3
  5. Hey! We give our best and these suggestions will be added as soon as possible. :) Best regards, - Steven
  6. Good idea. <3
  7. Nice vid, next time add better music. =D
  8. @Blake
  9. @Clockwork Demonic Gorillas :)
  10. Appeal format. Username: Punishment reason (if applicable): Punishment type: Additional information: Rules: Any fraud appeals will result in a punishment. If your appeal has been declined you must wait 12 hours to post another unless a staff member tells you otherwise. Making more than one appeal will result in an auto decline on your appeal. Lying will result in an auto decline on your appeal. Be polite, being rude on your appeal is the perfect way to go about not getting your punishment resolved! You are not allowed to ask staff members to view your appeal, patiently wait for your appeal to be reviewed. You are responsible for all offenses on your account. Do not blame your mother, brother, dog or fish. You must supply enough information or your appeal will be automatically declined. If you were IP banned or IP muted, you must name the exact account you were punished on. Thanks, - Steven
  11. Here at Scape-War, staff are the face of the server; they represent what every player should strive to be. Staff members must always abide by certain rules. Act like a staff member Staff members are held to higher expectations than normal players, as they are the ones who represent the server; they must act professional at all times and not let anyone 'get under their skin'. Recall that the ignore list exists for a reason. Punishment is a last resort Staff members are given special privileges that regular players lack. Remember that these are privileges, and can be taken away at any time. If a staff member acts inappropriately towards anyone else or abuses their power, they will be reprimanded by staff with a higher rank. Be helpful Your primary job as an Scape-War staff member is to help our (new) players with any questions/problems related to the server. Do not ignore any player who asks for help, even if you dislike them. Regarding the Support rank The Support rank exists mainly to help (new) players with any questions/problems related to the server. They are currently allowed to mute other players, however this should only be used in the event of someone spamming/advertising on Scape-War. However, an exception can be made if two players are arguing in public/clan chat and they have been warned at least twice (first warning, final warning, mute). Regarding activity All staff members are required to be active within both the game and forums. If you are going to be offline longer than 4 days you will have to post and inactivity thread in the staff discussion section of the forums. Punishment logs Punishment logs must be filled in once a punishment has been carried out. This is the only way other members of the staff team can track who is supposed to be punished and why. If punishment logs aren’t filled in and it is found someone has been punished actions will be taken against the staff member. Afking I would also ask that all staff members log out when they are not playing the game as if you aren’t afk and someone is pming you without a reply it may relay the wrong message. Communication It is important that staff members are easy to contact. I would ask that you each check your forum mail box at least once per day. It would also be highly beneficial to have a microphone for staff meetings etc.
  12. THE RULES 1. No offensive language You may not insult a person or a group of people, whether this be in-game, on the forums or outside Scape-War. This applies to both public and private conversations. 2. No scamming or luring You may not deceive a person in order to steal their items or abuse their trust through lies or false promises. If a person is found to scam an item from another person, they will get banned. Scams are always discovered through our extensive logging system, so don't even try. Luring is the act of making other people enter the wilderness, with the other party not being aware that they are at risk of losing their items when doing so. This is not allowed. Regarding the duel arena, a player who actively scams another player in the duel arena will be sanctioned, provided there is valid evidence. Make sure you are aware of the staking criteria and are comfortable staking your wealth. Exceptions where this will be voided are "Giveback" situations. This is where one party has either disconnected or has been affected by latency issues. This will also require valid evidence since this is something a player should be aware of before staking. If a player force logs themselves in order to try and use the "Giveback" notion, their account will be banned for scamming. 3. No hacking Nobody is allowed to access accounts without the authorization of the account holder, except administrators or staff members who have been authorized to do so by an administrator. Just like scamming, hacking an account is always discovered through our logs so it's pointless to try. Players who hacked an account will get banned. 4. No bug abuse It is forbidden to make use of a bug or glitch within the game to get free items or gain an advantage over other players. Any bugs must be reported to the staff team, you may even receive a reward for reporting it if it's an important bug. Same as scamming and hacking, because of our logs there is no point in trying to abuse a bug. Players will get a warning if they abuse a bug. If they fail to cooperate, they may recieve a ban. 5. No spam or disruptive content Pointless messages are not allowed on the forums or the yell channel. However, messages that most others find funny and aren't disrespectful are allowed. Disrupting one of the public chats or yell by quickly and repeatedly typing a message is also not allowed. Posting vulgar, offensive or sexual pictures on the forums counts as 'disruptive content' and may result in severe punishment. Double posting on the forums may be considered spam unless you had a good reason to bump up a thread. You're not allowed to yell about fake giveaways that would entice players to spam Private Message players or staff in-game. 6. No advertisement It is forbidden to advertise a website, product or RuneScape Private Server, both in-game and on the forums, unless you have received authorization from an administrator to do so. The administrator must have publicly posted his approval on the forums in order to prove you have been authorized to advertise. It is however allowed to publicly talk about common websites (youtube, twitter, reddit, twitch.tv, facebook, etc.) without prior approval, as long as it doesn't violate any other rules. 7. No botting Players caught using a bot, autoclicker or macro tool will be banned on sight. Using a modified client will also get you flagged as a bot. Gaining XP or items while being AFK falls under the same punishment. When your account is performing a task, you must always be present to respond to random events or when a staff member reaches out to you. 8. No real world trading It is forbidden to trade Scape-War items or accounts outside the game. It is also forbidden to trade other items or accounts from other sites on Scape-War. It is, however, allowed to trade in-game items for services you provide to others on the forums. 9. No negative and harmful behaviour It is not allowed to continually post, chat, or yell negative and non-constructive criticism, spread hatred, harass, or continually argue with others. We understand everyone has a bad day from time to time, but players who continually display negative behaviour may receive a punishment or even be permanently removed from the community. 10. No player or staff impersonation You may not pretend to be another real person or pretend to be related to another person if this is not true. 11. Obey staff members When a staff member tells you to do something, or to stop doing something, you must abide. If you believe you are being wrongfully treated by a staff member, then report this on the forums in the report a staff member section. However, if it turns out that the staff member was in their right, an additional punishment may be issued. 12. Giving away mass wealth Giving away mass wealth in instances such as "drop parties" and trading will not be acceptable. This is because this causes a large economy shift which will ultimately change prices. Mass giveaways are normally considered anything above 500 million GP or ITEMS. If you are enticed to do a mass giveaway, please notify a member of staff so they are able to assess the situation. 13. Using Alternate accounts (Alts): The following circumstances are where alternate accounts can't be used. If a player is using multiple accounts to attack the same boss monster then that will be counted as an offense. If a player is using multiple accounts in the Wilderness for whatever reason, the player will get both accounts banned depending on the severity of the infraction. Players are allowed to use multiple accounts during mini-games and skilling. 14. Account sharing: It is ilegal to share accounts with ANYONE this includes if you have the account holders permission to use the account. The reason this is being implimented is to avoid foul play within the wilderness or problems inlcuding transfering items that aren’t wanted to be given away and training stats that don’t want to be trained. It is also difficult for us to track account usage for security when more than one person has access to the account. We have full access to login logs so will be able to track this very easily, don't think you'll get away with it. Punishments: Breaking a rule may result in either a warning or a punishment. Punishments vary according to the nature of the offense. Repeat offenders will receive more severe punishments than people who haven't committed offenses before. Worst punishment: (IP-ban and permanent removal from the community) DDoS attacks Serious death threats Mass hacking Mass scamming Mass botting Attempting to shut down Scape-War Advertisement Continual negative and harmful attitude Repeatedly committing offenses listed below Severe punishment: (IP-mute, account ban or severe jail) Hacking Scamming Racism Posting disruptive content Threatening to DDoS Real world trading Gambling Botting Bug abuse Impersonation Refusing to cooperate with staff Negative and harmful attitude Repeatedly committing offenses listed below Mild punishment: (Mute or minor jail) Offensive language (flaming, baiting, insulting, hatred, …) Trolling Repeatedly committing offences listed below Minor punishment: (Temporary mute) Spam Luring Negative attitude Vulgar language Best regards, - Steven
  13. These are the updates that were done pre-release. Fixed a bug with Callisto. Added combat shops. Added some more items into supply shop. Fixed Saradoming sword special. Made bone burying itself faster but decreased exp rate. ::claim should now also update your rank. Fixed ::voted command. Fixed barrage gfx being too high. Added help clan chat. Disabled global drop announcements. Added clan chat lootshare. Fixed alching. Added a slayer level requirement to Kraken teleport. Added soul runes into magic shop. Added amulet of glory into the supply shop. Changed well of goodwill requirement to 25M. Removed global rare drop announcement. Added a message to when someone votes. Fixed the bug where a teleport would popup on skill dialogue. Added 3 more voting sites! Fixed the issue with dragonfire shields. Added a general store to edgeville. Added shop restocking. Added some more logging. Fixed a bug with player saving. Added a few staff commands to monitor the server. Fixed the swing agility object at barbs. Added a timer for quickchat to prevent spam. You can no longer login when there's an ongoing update. Fixed the issue with some shop items disappearing. Added dark fishing bait to skilling store. Fixed ::claim not giving rank. Removed Elysian Spirit shield drop from corp, drops sigil instead. Changed 55x2 to 58x2 and changed the max amount to 5M. Changed well of goodwill amount to 100M. Added Donator zone teleport ::dzone Fixed the format of gambler messages. Nerfed thieving shop prices a bit. Fixed the issue with accounts staying online. Fixed the issue with players losing their pets. You can no longer teleport from level 20+ wild using skill teleports. Fixed the issue where barrows npcs sometimes didn't deal damage. Fixed food delays. Added a hammer into general store. Changed yell colors. Fixed lava dragons. Added spider webs. The vote booth at home now takes you to the voting page. Added ava's accumulator into the ranged shop. Fixed some objects in barb agility. Fixed some bugs with clan chats. Fixed bank pin setting. Renamed the default "help" clan to "Scape-War". Added Zulrah. Changed the value of magic stone. Redid command handling. Added a ::changepass command. Changed the faulty mystic hats in mystery boxes. Longswords no longer turn you invisible. Agility obstacles should now work better. Clan chat was entirely rewritten and 90% functional (loot share coming soon!) Removed gambler. Added "Hide-streaks" option to emblem trader. Added an option to sell emblems to emblem trader. Changed the prices of bounty shop. Fixed skull placement on bounty interface. Removed fire cape from slayer shop. Fixed Vannaka's trade option. Removed double briefcase from voting shop. Fixed bandos godsword spec on npcs. Added blood money per kill. (25-50 Donators, 25-40 Players) Added blood money shop. Moved wise old man to the south of edgeville. Added dragon scimitar into the melee shop. Skulls no longer disappear when you relog or exit wilderness. Fixed 3rd age bow combat interface. Changed the currency icons for some shops. Fixed the bug when purchasing credits multiple times for the same price. Fixed ::tele and some more staff commands. Added new Donator zone ::dzone. Donators can now set a custom title & color by speaking to Dunce at ::dzone. Added Nieve into donator zone who can give you boss tasks. You can no longer sell more than 500 of an item at a time to general store. Lowered some skilling xp rates a bit. Fixed drop rates being too common. Bosses have slightly higher common drops rate. Fixed yell for Vip Donators. Lever teleports now correctly face the lever object. Fixed highwayman mask & dragon masks. Fixed the issue with blowpipe in pest control. Restricted some more titles. Added abyssal dagger special. Fixed dragon halberd special. Removed cake tin from general store. Added Abyssal Dagger special attack. Fixed Dragon halberd special attack. Dragonfire arrows can now be used with dark bow. Donating no longer demotes a staff member to donator. You no longer lose your last clan when there's an update. Added Abyssal Bludgeon special attack. Fixed some invalid fletching data. Fixed bgs spec amount. Fixed the bug with following. Added Herblore & Farming shops. Better ::update command. Added a npc drop simulation command for staff. Tweaked some player saving stuff. Fixed the issue with client/cache downloading. Drop rates are now 20-30% better. Fixed Saradomin, Guthix & Zamorak plateskirts. Fixed several 2h weapon stats, animations & requirements. Fixed Granite maul (or) and Gilded scimitar. You can now only fletch with correct items. Fixed Dragon bolts fletching. Barrow brothers now save when logging out. Fixed the stats of Zamorak hasta. Fixed battlestaff requirements. Changed the client background & added favicon. Removed the button debug message. Fixed crafting & herblore animations. Fixed herblore grinding. You can now only craft with the correct items. Skilling animations now cancel on movement. Fixed all knives stats & requirements. Fixed bows & throwables attack styles. Corrected Zulrah's combat definitions. Fixed tons of item stats/slots/requirements. Zulrah no longer switches its form too often. Fixed the issue where fresh accounts wouldn't save. Fixed the bugs with punishment commands. Staff can now punish offline players. Fixed some boss combat definitions. Fixed yet another player saving issue. Added Rogues into wilderness. You can no longer use a glory when not wearing one. Fixed smithing anvil in Varrock. The furnaces in Al-Kharid & Falador are now accessable. Fixed Jewelry making. Fixed glory(5) & (6). Fixed ring of stone's slot. Fixed bolt enchanting. You no longer get bones from barrows rewards. Added moulds into skilling tools shop. Changed Giant Mole's respawn time to 10 seconds. Normal players can no longer change their titles. Jewelry making no longer consumes your moulds. Corrected the stats of Zamorak boss. Fixed some punishments related bugs. Fixed the problem with UID bans. Fixed christmas cracker. Players can no longer have more than 1 consecutive space in their names. Restricted the @ symbol in yell and clan chats. Clan chat messages are now correctly capitalized. Fixed the spend money in shop achievement. Updated voting shop. Common drops are now more common. Added Slayer Stronghold Cave. Added more slayer tasks. Slayer tasks reset now costs 1M. Fixed bronze arrow equipment slot. Fixed enchanted robe & top equipment slots. Added blowpipe special. Fixed ranged accuracy formula. (Rune knives are no longer that effective) Fixed attack style bonuses. Made dharok's effect much better. Fixed some stats of some npcs. Changed pest control departure time to 36 seconds. You can now only attack cave kraken when having it as a task. Fixed the bone burying & obtain 10 rare drops achievements. Fixed loads of item values. Fixed a bug with blowpipe. Added Ironman modes. Ironmen can't: ​​Trade & duel with other players. Pick up drops from other players' kills. Gain XP boost from well & bonus skill. Claim voting & donation rewards. Can't buy over-stocked items from shops. Use prestiges. Ironmen have 50% slower xp rates. Highered crafting xp a bit. Added Adam to Lumbridge for Ironmen. Shops with stocks now show item amounts. Fixed item noting when using an item on bank. Fixed magic spell xp rates (Alching, charge, super heat). Fixed ::claim when having multiple donations. Fixed the forfeit trapdoor in duel. Fixed dragon bolts making. Voting booth now opens the vote shop. Added knowledge base topics. Fixed pickaxe price in skilling shop. You can no longer x-log from duel. (Now logs out after 90 sec) Fixed the bug where it wouldn't claim multiple votes at a time. Fixed the bug where you couldn't walk in duel. Fixed the ::kick command. Added ::alts command for staff. Fixed ironman stackable drop bug. Fixed leather crafting. Added Mac & Max cape emote. You can now eat Sliced banana. Fixed the slight delay when closing shops. Input field focus is now correctly reset when closing the interface. (Bank pin, drop tables etc) Removed objects debugging on right click for players. Fixed the bug where the client wouldn't load with older java versions. Added Amulet of Power, Green hat & Elemental shield into supply shop. Fixed obstacles rule in duel arena. Added Tai bwo wannai & Mos Le'Harmless teleport scrolls. Added poisonous snakes that drop snake hide, to the jungle of Mos Le'Harmless. Supports can now use ::dzone when they have donated. Fixed Warriors Guild. Mithril dragons now drop dragon full helm. Added healers to Duel arena. Removed vote npc from home. (Can access vote shop via toll instead) Donators can now restore their special attack using the fountain in dzone. Added a prestige shop. Moved achievement shop to Twiggy. Slayer helm is now untradable. Added thieving teleport (Home Stalls & Rogues' Den). Fixed Wallsafes cracking. Added Lost and Found & Graceful Clothing shops to Rogues' Den. Ironmen can now access prestiges. Changed Ironmen combat xp back to normal. Fixed the vote toll in Rogues' Den. You can now make Studded chaps & body. Making a dfs now grants you smithing experience. Made some rare drop adjustments (Dagannoths). Fixed bolt enchanting XP. Lowered magic xp rate. Fixed Armadyl robe top. Added Slayer bell animation. Added Clothes shop. Fixed clan chat permissions. Clan ranks & banned members are now saved. Added Looting bag. Fixed a bug with Well of goodwill. Fixed bank pins. Changed the thieving random. Fixed Rogues' Den teleport. Thieving random is now more common. Fixed Snakeskin crafting xp & requirements. Added some more food definitions. Fixed double doors & double gates. You can no longer teleport from clanwars. Fixed the issue with players losing their pets. Fixed the issue where gwd npcs were not attackable. Added stats & definitions for Spiritual ranger. Fixed godwars npcs, stats & drops. Reworked Godwars: Godwars boss room npcs no longer aggro the players/npcs outside the room. Added Zamorak boss minions. Fixed lots of stats, drops & combat definitions. The bosses now switch attackers & respawn after being killed. Fixed Saradomin & Zamorak brews. Added Beer and its effect. Admins can now use ::pos command. Added some more server logs. Fixed some two-handed weapon speeds. Fixed earth & fire bolt gfx. Kraken tentacles now hit through prayer. Zulrah no longer hits that often through prayer. Fixed Kraken's combat definitions. Reworked combat accuracy formulas. Fixed the thieving random bug. Fixed the combat definitions of Callisto & Chaos Fanatic. There's a slightly longer delay before the Zulrah spawns now. Added Callisto's special attack. Aviansies now use ranged attack. Changed the format of XP tracker total. Added some client-sided console commands for moderator+. Crown is now showing up under "Walk here". Added ::home command Fixed a typo of Callisto's special attack. Kraken is now instanced. Corrected Barrows & Zulrah's stats. Max hit now updates on equipment screen when switching items. Fixed some more combat related issues. Fixed Ancient crozier weapon slot. Added a command to force math random. Made dragonfire shield more protective. Fixed Verac's flail attack style when equipping. Added Vet'Ion shockwave delay. (No more than once in 6 seconds) Fixed all bosses stats. Fixed all animated armour's stats. Spears are now 50% more accurate on Corporeal Beast. Fixed Void accuracy bonus. Fixed corp max hits & attacks. Lowered Callisto's ranged defence. Supports can now use ::mute. Fixed a bug with godwars bosses respawning. Added yell timers. Fixed a bug with Cave krakens. Lowered godwars killcounts for donators. Added a resource shop into ::dzone. Added monkfish into supply shop. Fixed the Whip/Dragon dagger rule in duel. Fixed some item definitions. Fixed the duel bug. Fixed some item definitions. Moderators can now use ::teleto. Added more 'Open Shop' npc options. Added snow. Fixed input field clicking in fullscreen/resizable. Fixed bank tab item amounts when searching. Max item stacks are now showing in bank. You can now eat Edible seaweed and Mushroom potato. Fixed Sled and added it into the Donator shop. Changed Barrows gloves price in Wilderness shop. Poison is now cured when the duel starts. Fixed Bandos robe top. Lowered Zamorak boss melee defence. Admins can now use ::anim. Fixed the issue with Resources shop in dzone. Added a command to update some aspects of the server without restarting. Fixed Helm of Neitiznot & Warrior helm requirements. Fixed Heraldic kiteshields stats/requirements. Fixed Cooking gauntlets. You can now unpack Super potion sets. Ranging cape now attracts arrows. You can now make Spirit shields including Blessed. Perfected username/title spacing. Fixed attack priority. Fixed Steam battlestaff. Fixed usernames appearing in caps. Fixed the gate to Digsite. Ardougne no longer acts like wilderness. Inventory is now being shuffled when alching to prevent auto-alching. Lowered Abyssal dagger's special accuracy & damage. Staff can now use kick on other staff members who have lower rank. Added a Christmas Donator shop. Fixed Amulet of the damned & Salved amulet stats. Fixed Void gloves stats. Added Saradomin Blessed sword into donator shop. Highered Abyssal daggers price. Fixed the chat capitalization issue. Fixed the disconnection issue. Lowered bandos drop rates. Networking has been updated to a newer, more efficient version. Some packets have been compacted to minimize the amount of data transfer. Pest control now gives you twice the gold for completing the game. Fixed the bug with Pest control portals disappearing. You can now queue up for the next game in Pest control boat. The Pest control boat now shows the time remaining of the ongoing game. Instanced bosses should no longer disappear. The bonus skill now changes every hour. Added an experimental fix to the thieving bug. The Skill Zone is finally finished! We're not going to tell you where it's located at, so you'll have to log in and click the Skilling Teleport button in your magic book. At the Skill Zone, you are either able to train a skill or have access to teleport to a specific location where the skill can be trained. We did not include a bank, as we still want the home location to be active, so you'll simply have to teleport back and forth (this helps prevent botting as well!). If someone wants to start a poll regarding the addition of a bank booth/deposit box to the Skill Zone, go ahead! The zone features small mining and fishing areas, as well as two farming patches (one with flax, and one with herbs). Clicking these farming patches yields the player with either flax, or a random, low-level herb to help train herblore. Please don't hesitate to post any suggestions, such as if more resources (trees, ores, fishing spots) are needed. Zamorak Brews now operate properly. The Slayer Helmet now gives the correct melee damage boost of 16.67%. The Salve Amulet (e & ei) now give their correct damage boosts for melee, magic, and ranged. Void now gives its correct damage boosts (accuracy boosts to come soon). Bad words are no longer allowed to be spoken in public chat. This is to prevent newcomers from spamming the server with profanity, as well as to avoid getting banned on Twitch. The door in the Slayer Tower between Gargoyle and Nychraels now does not force you to walk through it when clicked. Poison is now cured for the winner of a duel before to duel ends to prevent a tie. Pure essence is now allowed to be added to rune pouches. You can now eat cabbages & potatos. You can now pick wheat, cabbage, potato. Fixed the favicon in client. Tweaked mining. Client Updates Timestamps now have their correct spacing in public chat (more fixes to come with them). The achievement interface now looks relatively normal. The Support in-game icon now has the correct spacing in the context (right-click) menu. New OSRS data was added, we will notify everyone when new OSRS items are added to an NPCs drop or a specific shop (light/heavy ballista, dragon javelin, dice bag, clue scrolls, unicorn masks, etc.) Fixed some relatively small memory leaks in the client. Player updating fix that could possibly resolve player's clients freezing when teleporting. If you continue to freeze, please notify me! If your cache loads incorrectly, you are prompted with a new screen with helpful information. Server Updates If a player dies with an untradable item in their equipment, inventory, or looting bag, it will now be added directly into their inventory. However, if you are located above level 20 wilderness, the item will be added to the new Lost Item(s) shop located at home (Death NPC). The player can purchase any untradable items lost for a flat price of 10m. The items in the shop are not currently being saved when the server restarts, but will be after the next update. A huge bug was fixed that was causing delays of everything around the server; there should be a bit less lag now for most player actions. Changed Woodcutting a bit (it will be changed back to be made easier!) Prayer has been made more efficient. The Thieving shop at the Skill Zone now gives you the option to teleport to the Rogue's Den. Fixed the doors in slayer tower. You can now claim untradable items lost on death (above level 20 wilderness) via the Death NPC at home. You now only see your items and not any other players'. Trees no longer turn into stumps whilst woodcutting. The mining animation was fixed. Increased bank space to 700 and up to 950 for donators(based on rank). Reworked the achievement system to reduce some server-wide lag. Fixed Ghostly robe stats. Client Updates (Restart your clients!) Public chat messages are now capitalized for the sender. Reduced constant sending of information to reduce lag with interfaces. Server Updates The Crystal Key chest was moved next to the southern Edgeville bank door. A new command was added, ::commands, that lists every command that you are allowed to use depending on your current in-game rank. The noted mahogany logs that are received from drops are now able to be un-noted. The Kraken no longer drops the bugged Trident of the Seas; it has been replaced with the working item. The 3rd age bow is now a ranged weapon. The Tanzanite Helm now requires 75 defense to wear. Your achievement points should now update correctly on the quest tab interface. If the bug persists where it shows incorrect values, please PM me! Bank deposit boxes have been added to the Skill Zone but aren't functional yet (coming next update!) Added bank deposit boxes. Fixed the bug with achivements not showing up. Fixed yell delay for staff. Fixed the lag every x seconds. The claim duel winnings interface is now shown. Reduced sigil drop rates. Replaced the fake abyssal whip on accounts with the correct one. Fixed the server freezing with players being unable to log back in. You can no longer take a pet into a duel with you. The server is now sending a lot less data to the client to improve performance. Corrected some npc faces around home. Fixed the bug where the deposit box wouldn't close on move. Fixed the bug with duel countdown not ending. The end of the duel interface is now shown. Moderators can now use ::unmute. Amulet of fury no longer turns into a regular fury on death. Fixed some bugs in Wilderness agility course. Noting items on a bank booth no longer notes only one item. A player now loses their killstreak on death. Server update no longer kicks all players and instead reconnects them. Mutes are now available in the control panel. Fixed Elite void's accuracy bonus. Nerfed Abyssal dagger's special attack damage. Fixed all heraldic helms & shields, serpentine helms, dragon full helm. Added an opening delay for Mystery boxes. You can no longer use certain commands such as ::mute on yourself. Fixed most staircases such as in Lumbridge castle & Warriors' Guild. Removed Dark crabs from the skilling zone. Corrected the Edgeville lever. Added HP overlay onto the top left of the screen. (Settings tab for toggle) The Pirate's Hook & Lit Bug Lantern has been fixed. NPCs no longer drop the bugged rune longswords. Kree Arra's defence has been lowered. Picking up a pet with a full inventory no longer messes up your bank. Fixed Dagannoths ladder. You can now use tridents with any magic book. Fixed an issue with magic skill. Fixed the bug where noted items would disappear when banking. NPCs no longer interfere when you're in combat. Fixed block animation appearing too frequently. Crystal chest opening now rewards you with up to 10 times more gold. Bosses now drop more gold. Reduced rare drop rates. Item drops have been redone entirely; this is the beginning of our major economy rework. You will now be able to receive multiple items from killing one NPC. For that reason, rare drop rates have been decreased. We will post our entire drop rate list publicly so everyone can see each item's percentages and suggest changes soon. A Ring of Wealth gives a 5% better chance at receiving any item with the new drop system. When killing any NPC, there is a 25% chance for it to drop a random amount of coins between 0 and 2000 multiplied by the NPC's level. Therefore, killing higher-level NPCs theoretically yields a larger amount of coins. Pets are now untradable. A few more seconds have been added to the combat logout timer. Moss Giants are now level 42 instead of 84. Item dismantling now yields the correct items (ornament kits). Vengeance now recoils 75% instead of 55%. A left-half shield and a right-half shield can now be combined to form a dragon sq shield. The one bank booth in Varrock West Bank has been fixed. Low/High Alchemy now has a 5% chance to shuffle your inventory rather than every time. Kebab's can now be eaten and heal 15 HP. The Toxic Staff of the Dead now has correct bonuses. A Big Fishing Net has been added to the Skilling Shop @ home. Wall safes at Rogues' Den now give better gold rewards. Fixed some rare drop rates. Removed Gmaul from shops & added Farseer helm. You can no longer x-log from wilderness. Removed the duel tie feature. Fixed some item prices. Added Mithril, Adamant & Rune gloves into armor shop. Replaced the combat shop with 3 separate npcs. Added god books & Proselyte armor into the supply shop. Added more dragon weapons into the weapon shop. You can no longer stake pets. Fixed the bug where player & npc would keep adjusting their positions during following. Fixed the prices of Dragon full helm & pickaxe. Perfected smithing, fletching & fishing animation timers. Skilling actions are now correctly stopped when dropping & picking up items. Fixed object facing on woodcutting trees. You can no longer fletch & woodcut at the same time. Added the "Nothing interesting happens." to item on item packet. Fixed the agility shortcut between the Red dragon & Black demon rooms. Enormous tentacle, snakeling & pest control npcs no longer display the no drops message. Instanced npc's are now removed when the player logs out or teleports away, meaning you can teleport back to instanced npc's like Zulrah, Kraken etc to kill them again. Fixed a small bug with drops. Fixed the issue where npc's would disappear usually after a game of pest control. Fixed lots of weapon equipment styles such as godswords, scimitars, longswords etc. Fixed Barrelchest anchor's stats & requirements. Fixed the dupe with trident of the swamp. Nerfed Abyssal dagger spec. The Barrelchest anchor's spec no longer disconnects you. The issue with barrows brothers not registering the kill was fixed. Pest Control, Fight Caves & Barrows npcs no longer show the no drop message. Added Baby blue dragon drop. Fixed Adamant gloves stats & requirements. KDR is now displayed as 0,00 instead of NaN. Farming fixes: The objects are now correctly updated. You can now interrupt farming actions such as raking. Weeds are now dropped on ground when no inventory space left. Object options(cure, clear) are now correctly working. You can no longer harvest dead or diseased plants. Added a 10 second combat logout timer. Fixed the issue where accounts would stay online when in wilderness. You can no longer start rapidly killing another npc after killing one. Fixed the bug where you would respawn at home after a duel. A player is now immune to hits when the other player dies in the duel. (No tie) Developers can now trade ironmen. Nerfed dragon dagger special attacks & buffed dragon claws. Added Barrelchest drops. Fixed Tzhaar-ket-om attack speed, animations & combat interface. You can now create Eternal, Pegasian & Primordial boots. Dragon pickaxe (or) is now revertable & untradable. Fixed all skillcape's stats. You can now create Infernal axe & pickaxe with a Smouldering stone. You can now dismantle Serpentine helm & Serpentine visage. You can now create & restore Tanzanite & Magma helms. An amount of doses left of a potion is now shown in the chatbox. Energy & Super energy potions now yield the correct amount of energy. Fixed a bug where the deaths would not register for a player. Fixed freeze immunity. (3 sec instead of 5) Fixed a bug where ruby bolts would give double drops. Fixed a bug with salve amulet causing equipment screen to not open. Ruby bolts are no longer created as enchanted. Added Sea Troll Queen drops. Fixed the bug with blowpipe having negative charge. Added Dragon scimitar (or) & Granite maul (or). Redid Donator, Vote & Slayer shop. Achievement & Prestige items are now untradable. Fixed spam click trade bug. Added Vengeance other. Fixed Dharok melee max hit formula. Added combat potions. Thanks, - Development Team Blake
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