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  1. Steven

    @deadboi, please hit me up online and tell me its you with your alt! So we can confirm its you and reset the password.
  2. You got my discord, Im willing to pay 300$ for unban. hmu.

    1. Steven


      I dont have your discord

  3. Steven

    Thanks man, if you have time, please update it and make it clean ❤️
  4. Steven

    If you could update this post, please do it. 😃 ❤️
  5. Steven

    Thank you! :)
  6. Steven

    Thank you man, added todo list! ❤️
  7. Steven

    Thank you Supreme! 😃
  8. Hey Ghastly, I see you are trying alot to become staff. But I think you have to play this server more than you have been played, because I dont know you yet that much. 1 requirment what im looking for new staff-member is that I have to trust the player. And one suggestion man, never beg for staff! ❤️ Good luck man, and lets see what future brings to us. Best regards
  9. Steven

    Hey Reiks I know you can make better application than this. You would be a good staff member in-game, because you been staff here for many times. One negative side you have that you are not dedicated, once you get tired of server then you leaving us. Man, you have to proof to every scape-warian that you are dedicated on this server and want the staff-member role on Scape-War. Good luck with this ❤️ Best regards, Steven
  10. Steven

    Very nice application man! I hope I see you are way more active in future and the miracles can happen bro ❤️ stay dedicated on server :) Good luck bro
  11. Steven

    I see you are very active in-game and you live in that time-zone where is staff needed. Good luck man for getting staff, the grind start now. ❤️
  12. Hello Scape-War community. Today I have decided to open up the staff application section of the forums. I will review all applications with a fine comb and find suitable candidates to join our staff team. Now as expected there are some requirments to apply for staff alongside a format which should be used. Any applicants that don’t meet the requirments or don’t use the designated format below will not be considered and instantly declined. I hope that anyone who decides to apply for a server support position does so with the up most maturity and profesionalism. Below are the minimum requirments to apply for a server support role: 1. Members must NOT bring an application towards ANY staff member for a vouch, support, look-over, etc., and this includes being declined as well. If we decline them - leave it. 2. Members must wait a week before posting another application. 3. Members must have a minimum of two days play time (provide picture of your play time in your format). 4. Members must have Discord to communicate. 5. Members must not have outstanding or serious infractions on their account (e.g. being muted, banned, etc.) 6. Members must not have ANY infractions on the forums (no exceptions and overrides rule 5). Please use the format below in your application: Username: Time Played (full screen picture): Timezone: Any outstanding infractions on your account?: How many hours are you able to do(day/week)?: Any past experiences?: Do you have Skype?: What is your strongest and weakest trait (personality)?: Strength: Weakness: What makes you think you'd be a good asset for us?: . What five qualities do YOU think are necessary for support?: What do you hope to achieve in the long run?: Extra information:
  13. Steven

    Already approved, Welcome to the staff-member team! Best regards, Steven
  14. Steven

    Hey Lukenzo! We are working on this, thank you for letting know! Just wait for update when we release bulk updates. ❤️
  15. Steven

    Hey! Just use random username and password! Maybe you tried username which is taken. Forums and Server are not connected. See you in-game ❤️
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