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  1. Steven

    Welcome man! :)
  2. Steven

    Fixed Water altar. Added 3rd age axe & pickaxe. Added lots of new outfits to Donator shop. Added Bloodhound pet. Corrected antipoison immunity time. Added superantipoison, antidote+ & antidote++. Corrected Ava's accumulator's & other attracting items chance of arrow saving. Added all Charge Orb spells & Orb charging feature. You can now create battlestaves by using the corresponding orb on it. Added rune packs to Magic shop. Removed 5m gold requirement from Vorkath teleport. Added Cerberus & TzTok-Jad to boss tasks. Fixed Venenatis hitpoints (255). You can now eat food & drink pots in the same game tick. Added Infernal max cape & hood (Can be created using Infernal cape on a Max cape). Fixed Grim reaper hood. Added Ring of wealth (i) (Scroll in bh store). Added Jad pet (1/100 when sacrificing & 1/50 when defeating Jad on slayer task). Added all coloured slayer helmets. Added Scythe of Vitur (L) & Twisted bow (L) - Lime recolors! Added bank placeholders. Revenant weapons now degrade properly. Fixed Investor rank benefits. You can no longer ::bank in the wilderness. Fixed wilderness obelisk teleports. Fixed a bug with pest rewards. Viggora's chainmace is no longer two handed. You can now eat Spinach rolls. Added Viggora's chainmace & Thammaron's sceptre functionality. Fixed rev item's accuracy & damage bonuses. Changed the max amount of revenant ether storage from 16k to 17k. Fixed a Mystery box dupe. Fixed obelisk pillar animations. Fixed obelisk teleport end freeze. Fixed Blowpipe displaying arrow projectiles. Fixed Amulet of glory teleport requirements. Fixed a welcome screen crash. Fixed a bug that sometimes turned you invisible after teleporting. Added Ring of Nature, Ring of Coins & Ring of Stone functionality. Fixed Hitpoints skill guide's header text. Fixed platinum tokens. Fixed loads of item values (Kept on death). Corrected Abyssal bludgeon's spec effect & increased damage. Added skilling pets. Shops can now contain more items and display a scrollbar. Fixed projectile offsets such as Kraken etc. Added Vorkath boss. Fixed an issue with players stuck in clan chats. Added an interface for Mystery box. Fixed a bug with Pest control where a single game would last forever (Players unable to join). Added Ava's assembler to Vote shop & Vorkath's drop table. Corrected arrow attracting equipment chances of arrow retrieval. Organized Slayer shop & changed a few prices. New items added: - Justiciar armor - Sanguinesti staff - Guardian boots - Scythe of Vitur - Imbued god capes (Same way to obtain) Fixed a bug with dialogue options were players were able to click them multiple times. Added 2 variants of Dwarven rock cake: - Light one sets your hp to 1. - Dark one decrements your hp by 1. Added Magic shortbow scroll & Dwarven rock cake (light) to vote shop. Added Dwarven rock cake (dark) to the Resource Shop in Donator Zone. Fixed Wilderness teleports & Added Mage arena shop. Fixed a bug where there was no delay for certain consumables. Added Light & Dark infinity color kits (Kits are non refundable). Added Rune pouch. Added Craw's bow with full functionality. Made firemaking a bit smoother. Fixed the max capes which were unable to be worn.
  3. Steven

    I'll let to Blake to add it. Best regards, Steven
  4. Steven

    Hey! Magic Trees will be soon at donator zone! The ::bank command can use demonic donators! Thank you for the suggestions! Best regards, Steven
  5. Steven

    Nice post & Good luck! :)
  6. Steven

    Added, after update it's there :)
  7. Steven

    Haha nice :D
  8. Steven

    try login without caps :)
  9. Steven

    Good luck!
  10. Steven

    Nice. And nice music choise ;D
  11. i need you for the next vid


  12. Steven

    He was not active so i demoted him yesterday when I wrote the post.
  13. Steven

    Well. Support/s: (They do not have alot of commands, but they are helping newcomers. I have seen them alot online so I decided to promote them cuz they know alot of server.) Pfc pug LAST LOGIN: 2017-06-04 20:05:02 It is acceptable because his mom is very sick and I hope everything will be okay. Flintsone LAST LOGIN: 2017-06-05 23:02:51 He is also active. Reverze LAST LOGIN: 2017-06-06 19:32:53 Very active guy! Moderators: (They have more commands to play with) Cake Soap LAST LOGIN: 2017-06-06 09:28:37 The guy I trust much, he is from Alos. (Very active) Spookz LAST LOGIN: 2017-06-06 16:59:33 The guy I also trust and he also support the server alot. Administrator/s: Matt - Well, he is not active so much but if he got more free time he will be more online :) Community Manager/s: Mickey - When he logged on first time on Scape-War, he said: "I will be community manager soon" AND HE EARNED IT SO FAST. Like you see, he is very active. Anyways, if you have pretensions, then contact me. :) Best regards, Steven pretensions
  14. Steven

    Welcome <3
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