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    Awesome guide! Keep it up :)
  2. Buying bandos and primordial's. Also selling uncharged trident, 15k zulrah scales, eternal and pegasian boots.
  3. Merked

    @ 4ner I couldn't agree with you more about the drop tables. They need to be reworked. I got a message after killing a black demon earlier that I've gotten 10 rare drops so far! Only had two a odium shard and uncut onyx drop.
  4. Merked

    Yes! I agree with your suggestions.
  5. Merked

    Suggestions 1. On OSRS the 99 ranging skillcape works the same way as ava's accumalator. I was just hoping it could be coded into the server! Would be a simple one. Thanks! 2. I accidentally type curse words all the time! :D Instead of the box popping up saying that it contains bad words and clicking to continue, maybe you could just make the message appear in the actual chat box so you can still type right after. It's just a hassle. 3. Range seems to be very underpowered. I've maxed 34 with runite bolts and 35 with d bolts (e). I think that at least the d bolts should be increased damage wise for spec. In osrs you can max 55+ with d bolts(e) without void on. I know this isn't osrs but it would be nice :) 4. Anti-poisons (atleast the regular ones from supply shop) only last like 30 secs then you get repoisoned. It's super annoying maybe the timer should be brought out to like 3 mins! 5. Glory only tele's you out of 20-29 wild if you are wearing it, but doesn't work in your inventory. Should be able to in inventory as well. 6. Ava's Attractor should go to backpack slot not weapon. I used 35k of 100k starter money when I joined on it to find out its glitched. 7. There should be a way to tell how many bounty points you have. Maybe in the quest tab or when you open the emblem trader shop? 8. Rock Cake should be obtainable, even if it's through some type of minigame such as pest control. This way people can dh on low hp! 9. When someone claims a vote on the server it displays a message saying "Playername has claimed his voting reward - use ::vote to claim yours!" The command to claim is actually "::voted" maybe just add the d at the end so newer players aren't confused :P P.S - I will add more suggestions when I see them arise! I'm new to the server so I'm still learning about it! Thanks again. Oh yeah don't forget to do the trimmed and untrimmed :p
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