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  1. i'll pitch in if you need help
  2. The price shown is 25m-40m im selling it for 30m pm for purchase IGN: Diggitydood \
  3. i dont support the idea of removing duel arena due to my constant use for heal and pray for zulrah also staking isnt at all a bad thing
  4. So there are a few things people wish would be on this server and trust me i am the same way. The thing with addition to the server there will always be a complaint to something such as cannons so here is a list that I have created that would be a fair addition the the server. ( I do apologize for anything that i list that is in the server but i did not have knowledge about. If there was something i listed that is in the server dont be afraid to tell me.) Catacombs or Kourend Winterdotd Player Owned House With the addition of Construction of course Non Donation Boss Tasking Ballistas Brutal Dragons More Extensive Clue Scrolls with addition of Clue Nests and Bottles Events Raid Items With the addition of raids if supported by others Emblems and Emblem Trader Other Spell Books Giving the use for Ensouled Heads Whip Mixes Would be a good addition to the clue scroll table More Spell Tabs As an example Bone to Peaches (given by BullyBoy2008) The New Prayer Scrolls Due to the extensive use of them in OSRS currently Cannon But with restrictions due to cannon crashing being a bad problem This is a list that i currently have feel free to add on to it and/or tell me what you disagree with. @Matt @Steven @Blake @1 3 3 7