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  1. Melee: Head: Serpentine Helm Neck: Fury Necklace Cape: Fire Cape/Completionist Cape Chest: Bandos Chestplate Weapon: Abyssal Tentacle Shield: Dragon Defender/Dragon Fire Shield Legs: Bandos Tassets Boots: Primordial Boots Ring: Berserker Ring Gloves: Barrows Gloves Ranged: Head: Armadyl Helmet Neck: Fury Necklace/Glory Amulet Cape: Ava's Accumulator/Completionist Cape Chest: Armadyl Chestplate Weapon: Armadyl Crossbow Shield: Odium Ward Legs: Armadyl Chainskirt Boots: Pegasian Boots Ring: Archers Ring Gloves: Barrows Gloves Magic: Head: Ahrim's Hood/Infinity Hat/ Farseer Helm Neck: Fury Necklace/Glory Amulet Cape: God Capes Chest: Ahrim's Robetop Weapon: Master Wand/Ancient Staff/ Trident Of The Seas Shield: Arcane Spirit Shield Legs: Ahrim's Robeskirt Boots: Eternal Boots Ring: Seers' Ring Gloves: Barrows Gloves Please tell me what you think about it and if i need to make any changes - Clockwork
  2. Clockwork

    Thanks, we needed one.
  3. Clockwork

    This has been or is recently going to be added. I saw the NPC and everything, Steven showed us.
  4. Clockwork

    Don't agree with part of this. Why should regular players have decreased drop rates for not being a donator?
  5. Clockwork

    Agreed, more items in slayer shop.
  6. Clockwork

    Would it be possible to add boss tasks to slayer? If it doesn't sound good maybe we could have a poll?
  7. Clockwork

    Since there's no summoning i believe we should be allowed to use the Looting Bag outside of the wild. Considering summons like the PackYack ect... that people used for more storage aren't available for us.
  8. Clockwork

    What are your guys plans on the next update?
  9. Clockwork

    Within the minute i posted this it happened.
  10. Clockwork

    Could you make it to where to can talk in CC with an interface open? P.S. Why is trying to talk in CC a command?
  11. Clockwork

    feelsbadman :/
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