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  1. Woodcutting is a very simple skill that can be started by buying an axe from the skilling supplies at home, And then teleporting to the skilling area. A dragon Axe can be obtained from Dagannoth's Kings or brought off a player. They can also be obtained though a Mystery box. The current price of a dragon axe is around 5-15m and ranges a lot. The levels you can use each axe is as followed. Bronze / Iron = 1 Woodcutting Required Steel = 6 Woodcutting Required Black = 11 Woodcutting Required Mithril = 21 Woodcutting Required Adamant = 31 Woodcutting Required Rune = 41 Woodcutting Required Dragon = 61 Woodcutting Required To start off you will need an Iron or Bronze Axe. The best way to bank is to use the Bank deposit box on the skilling island located right next to the maple trees as shown below. Remember do not bank your inventory here if you are not wielding the axe as you can not withdraw items from here like a normal bank booth. You will then need to start cutting down normal trees , known as Evergreens. They give 500 xp per log cut. This means to get to the next tree you will need to chop down 6 Logs. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Oak Trees Oak Trees require 15 Woodcutting to chop down. They give 750 xp per log cut. You will need to cut down a total of 14 Oak logs to get to the next tree level. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Willow Trees Willow trees require 30 woodcutting to cut down. They give 1,350 xp per log cut. You will need to cut down a total of 36 Willow logs to get to the next tree level. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Maple Trees Maple trees require 45 Woodcutting to cut down. It is highly recommend to use a rune axe whilst cutting these. They give 2,000 xp per Log cut. You will need to cut down a total of 106 Maple Logs to get to the next tree level. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Yew Trees Yew Trees require 60 woodcutting to chop down. They give 3,500 xp per Log cut. You will need to cut down a total of 268 Yew Logs to get to the next and final Tree level. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Magic Tree Magic Trees are the final tree you should be finishing 99 woodcutting on. They give 5,000 xp per Log cut. It is recommend if you can get one to use a dragon hatchet cutting these. You will need to cut down a total of 2364 Magic Logs to obtain 99 Woodcutting. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ QUICK SUM UP Logs Required for 99 : Normal - 6 Oak - 14 Willow - 36 Maple - 106 Yew - 268 Magic - 2364 Total logs required for 99 Woodcutting - 2794 Logs. Thanks ~~Wondering~~
  2. yes!! and an xp boost to this, its more grindy then the stalls and less rewarding cash and less xp? its like this, well since u hit 50 agility and thieving now! we are going to reward you with less experience more fails, more damage and less rewards. you are welcome ~~Wondering~~
  3. update 16 and 35, what one is it ? but nice to inform the community that your working :0 ~~Wondering~~
  4. as stated before its just showing the exact amount of logs u need to cut tbh :) this way people can expect how long the 99 will take ~~Wondering~~
  5. Its more or less there to show how many logs you need to cut to get 99, this way people can see how bad the grind it ;) but thank you ~~Wondering~~