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    Reiks reacted to Seers in Dark Lord Boss, Custom Magic Set & Fixes   
    Dark Lord

    The Dark Lord is the hardest boss to kill, however he is in a multi area
    so it would be wise to team up against him. He has 15,000 Hitpoints
    and 4 different attacks.

    Notable drops:
    Sniper, Purple Moon Set, $50 Mystery box

    Purple Moon Set

    This is the best custom magic armour set in the game.
    The set has an effect that boosts your magic accuracy by 250% and damage by a whole 300%.
    The staff alone boosts your damage by 150%.

    Twisted Daggers
    This is a true psycho weapon. It is one of the fastest weapons in the game and it
    deals damage each game tick.


    Gambling Zone Update

    The gambling area now has designated zones for FP & Dicing.
    You need to have a Dice bag in bank/inventory to be able to roll.

    Fixed some areas causing the client to freeze. The item amounts in drop tables have been properly formatted. Fixed an issue with some models rendering partly invisible.
    Development Team
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    Reiks got a reaction from twisted pure in client wont load   
    Redownload Java, had the same issue 😁
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    Reiks got a reaction from twisted pure in Farming Guide   
    Also known as Tanky Thomas! But thanks, now i might get Farming 99 one day! 😇
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    Reiks got a reaction from twisted pure in Mining Guide   
    Thanks for the tips, legend!🥰
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    Reiks reacted to twisted pure in Mining Guide   
    Good morning peeps.
         Today I wanted to being you a simple yet effective mining guide. Mining is pretty straight forward with just a few tricks that will greatly help you along the way.
    Mining levels and what to mine at each. 
         1-15 mine tin/copper (usually I mine 1 inventory of each just to be set for smiting later) 
         15-66 mine iron
         66-85 mine coal
         85-99 mine gold 
    Also if you want you can stop mining gold at 92/93 and mine mith to 99. 
    So the reason you want to mine each ore until the levels above apart from iron at 15 is because you can 1 tick mine at those levels. You don't want to move on to the next ore until you can 1tick the next. 
    A few things of note.
         If you want a little more experience while mining then make sure to get the prospectors outfit. The outfit is purchased from the stardust shop with stardust from mining falling stars in edgeville (a random event.) The set only gives 2.5% xp boost so It's not a big deal to have it or not. 
         Also if you want to be a little more lazy while mining with $250 donated you can afk mine rune rocks at ::dzone. With $250 donated the rune rocks will never deplete so you can just chill and talk to other scapers while gaining some slow mining xp. This will require 85 mining. 
    If you have any other questions then feel free to pm me in-game and I'll do my best to guide you in the right direction. Also I didn't provide the secret mining spots in this guide in an attempt to keep them less crowded. With that being said if you'd like to know just PM me and ill show you. The majority of mining is done in the mining guide and crafting guide with a few places around the game that are better suited for the grinders of the server 🙂 
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    Reiks reacted to twisted pure in Farming Guide   
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    Reiks reacted to Acx67 in Czaszka - IPMute Appeal   
    You're good to go. Enjoy!
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    Reiks reacted to trn in Loot from 100 Barrelchest.   
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    Reiks reacted to trn in Loot from 100 skotizo kills.   
    ohhh okay thank you! didnt know that
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    Reiks got a reaction from trn in Loot from 100 skotizo kills.   
    Noice 😁
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    Reiks got a reaction from Pfc Pug in Drop rates!   
    A lot have been asking about drop rates... @Steven
    So i thought, what if @Steven makes a post of drop list of all Bosses? 😉🥰
    Kindest regards,
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    Reiks reacted to Blake in Raid teams, Prestige shop & Bug fixes!   
    Fixed a major bug in player saving. You can now wear Ancient cloak. Random Math questions can no longer pop up when you are assigned another random event. Tzkal-Zuk (Inferno) kills are now tracked. Added Cooking gauntlets to Prestige shop. Added Pyromancer set and effect (Available in Prestige shop). Mystery box fixes:
    - You can now also click on Mystery boxes from the inventory instead of 'Spin'.
    - Fixed a known bug with Dragon boots.
    - It now states in the chatbox what you received. Added Raid teams & Rewards:
    - Added Raid parties & Possible rewards for each member.
    - You can now create a party with up to 5 members.
    - Each player has to deal at least 50 damage to be eligible for a reward.
    - Only the killer (the player who deals the most damage) is eligible for a very rare drop.
    - Dwarf multicannon cannot be used.

      Added Pyromancer set & Effect (Available in Prestige shop).

      Added Cooking gloves to Prestige shop. Thanks,
    - Blake
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    Reiks reacted to Blake in Bug fixes & Small additions   
    Pest control doors fixed. Fixed Fury (or) stats. Added Dragon axe to Trivia shop. Fixed Platinum tokens/Coins exchanging. Changed Cooking teleport to Rogue's Den. Fixed mob drop announcements! Fixed Mark of grace spawns. Fixed all canes stats & requirements. Added store 'Sell all' option (Still 500 max though). Added prospector outfit & effect (2.5% mining xp boost). Added Rogue's equipment (1/30 chance to receieve a crate from Wall safes)
       - 1/30 chance to receive double loot whilst thieving npcs or stalls.
       - 3% thieving xp bonus.    

      Loot from thieving is now dropped on ground when inventory is full. Fixed the currency icon for Mark of grace. Thanks,
    - Blake
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    Reiks reacted to Mathieew in Boss point shop   
    Hey Brnche1g!🤠
    Bossing is in fact the way of a players to Grind slaying a monster for the chance to get a rare targeted item.
    Adding a boss point shop will probably ruins thats ‘grinding’ way of playing🤯 ...
    Still depand on the items you want in that shop .
    any example of item ?:)
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    Reiks got a reaction from witcher in Trivia, Bug fixes & QoL!   
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    Reiks got a reaction from witcher in Sale   
    Just useless stuff in my bank that i never use
    And yes, if that's what you asked, then i accept items, but it depends on what items 😁(if i like em or na)
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    Reiks got a reaction from witcher in Sale   
    Here's some items for sale!

    Dragon (G) - 40m ea per piece or 100m when all together Lime whips - 350m ea Armadyl set - 850m Statius's platebody - 250m Ghrazi rapier - 1.75B Vesta longsword - 600m Malediction ward - 150m Occult necklace - 100m Toxic staff of the dead - 250m Bandos tassets - 90m Black h'ween mask - 200m Dagon'hai hat (purple) - 500m Armadyl crossbow - 250m If you want to negotiate, please! 😃
    Pm me or contact me ing ~ reiks
    c u
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    Reiks got a reaction from witcher in Upgrade   
    haha 😅😝 Ty🥰
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    Reiks got a reaction from witcher in Upgrade   
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    Reiks got a reaction from witcher in Upgrade   
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    Reiks got a reaction from witcher in Drop rates!   
    Oh yeah, why not 😝
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    Reiks got a reaction from witcher in Drop rates!   
    Yes sir😁
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    Reiks reacted to Mathieew in Drop rates!   
    Lets me tell you that im dry for 450 abyssal demon kill and i wanna knoe the drop rate !🤯😎
    Im with you on this.
    Thanks ,
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    Reiks reacted to iProtect in Drop rates!   
    Yes for me.
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    Reiks reacted to H4ReMiixXyt in Drop rates!   
    Yes Sir ❤️Love you Reiks ❤️ 
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