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  1. Here's my opinion

    Wilderness store:

    • Decrease the store prices.
    • Remove infinity set, easy to get as drop and also in slayer shop.
    • Remove Spirit shield.
    • Instead of normal rings (zerker etc) why not add imbued rings?
    • I feel like we also don't need rune def nor barrows gloves there.
    • Add fighter hat.
    • Add Odium and Malediction Ward.
    • Add Armadyl maybe?
    • Add all godswords?

    Bounty Shop: 

    • Remove looting bag, easy to get from NPC's, no use in there.
    • Decrease prices?
    • Add Light/Dark infinity ornament kit
    • Add Spirit and Blessed spirit shield?
    • Add Barrows sets.
    • Add Imbued heart?



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  3. On 3/1/2018 at 6:25 AM, Pfkorino said:

    Kinda weak tho... :kappa:

    LUL YE


    On 2/24/2018 at 9:14 AM, Sora said:

    oof that hit

    was bad, got better 1 after i uploaded it :D

  4. 1 minute ago, Dead Fury said:

    Dang son, get it lol! Get any drops yet?

    Nope :( Just spirit shield...

  5. Dzone

    1. Spinning wheel in dzone, not a bad idea.

    2. Maybe, but i'm not sure, if it gains this much players. Like we can see, very few play minigames here, community needs to grow a little, more active players, then we can talk about this.

    3. I agree with @Dead Fury.

    4. Yes, why not.


    1. I agree with this one.

    2. It should work now.

    3. No, less xp-more money ;) ;) 

    4. Well, in my opinion we don't need it, stay to classics. (just my opinion)

    5. Again at this point, i agree with @Dead Fury.

    6. Haha yes, this should be added.

  6. Okay x500 is extreme yeah, but x100, x250, these are doable. Also "Obtain a fire cape x50" is kinda "Waste of time", but x10 is aswell doable.

    View player profiles isn't  working for me, i don't know what about others, but yeah, if it's not working then this also should be fixed. Also i don't know anything about "Mage Arena Points x500". Has anyone done it? Does it works?

    Anyways, "Obtain a fire cape x50", "Complete Barb course x500" should be switched out, very boring and takes very long time tbh.




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